New educational modules harness power of e-learning for pancreatic cancer education

By | October 4, 2014

The ePOSSOM endeavour was jointly developed by ecancer and the Severn Postgraduate School of Surgery, where surgical trainees led by Miss Katrina Butcher developed the content of the modules, providing key educational information for other surgical trainees and healthcare professionals.

“ePOSSOM creates innovative e-learning material for audiences across the world, allowing each learner access to complex evidence-based medicine, wherever their learning environment allows them,” Miss Butcher writes in the accompanying editorial.

These modules follow the UK ISCP (Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme) Curriculum, and aim to be a concise, up-to-date best evidence resource, for either new learning or revision.

Experts from across the UK have contributed to and peer-reviewed the modules to ensure that the content is of the highest scientific quality — and poised on the frontier of pancreatic cancer knowledge.

In this unique and flexible educational experience, the learner is guided through the modules with a variety of learning techniques, including surgical videos, case examples, quizzes and games.

“These modules provide a unique learning experience in a subject not tackled before in this way,” says Miss Butcher.

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