Malignant effusion in the pathogenesis of body cavity

By | April 9, 2012

Cancer patients body cavity effusions (including pleural effusion, ascites, edema of the heart and the body of water), called malignant body cavity effusions, it is often marked the deterioration of the tumor and metastasis, indicating the disease has developed to a considerable extent.
Most malignant body cavity effusions or metastases of malignant tumors caused by complications, mainly as pleural effusion, ascites or pericardial effusion. Malignant body cavity effusions great impact on quality of life, progress rapidly and can lead to disease progression and death, shall promptly take appropriate measures, to take palliative care.
Malignant body cavity effusions in the pathogenesis :
Pleural effusion refers to the body internally generated excessive accumulation of fluid in the pleural space. Direct violation of the pleural surface of tumor and inflammation associated with increased capillary permeability can, resulting in the formation of the liquid, produced by such mechanisms as the surrounding pleural effusion (peripheral effusion).
Malignant effusion in the pathogenesis of body cavity, in addition, lung or pleural lymphatic obstruction of the re-absorption of fluid and proteins, tumor obstruction pulmonary vein increased capillary hydrostatic pressure, so that the pressure gradient between the two pleural reduced severe hypoproteinemia also can damage the re-absorption process, these changes called the center of pleural effusion caused by pleural effusion (central effusion). Thoracic duct tumors can cause obstruction of the true center of milk Lian pleural effusion.
Malignant body cavity effusions initially had no obvious effect on patients quality of life, but not treated or not treated properly, can lead to accelerated deterioration of the disease, life-threatening, it is necessary to take timely and appropriate treatment as soon as possible to eliminate body cavity effusions, to make cancer patients relieve pain, control progression of the disease and prolong life.

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