Lower esophagus and cardia resection treatment

By | March 21, 2012

Lower esophagus and cardia resection treatment cardiac surgery after thoracic surgery with other treatment.
Lower esophagus and cardia resection after treatment back wards will continue to attract the tube connected, every 3 – 4h a small amount of warm water to keep them open. Generally continue to attract 36 – 48h, to gastrointestinal function of patients began to recover, you can stop. First clamped tube 4 – 6h observation, without gas, removed forthwith.
Lower esophagus and cardia resection treatment fasting period, paragraphs 1, 2, daily infusion of about 2500, the meeting bait 3g, if necessary, blood transfusion or albumin. 48h after the slow trickle of maintenance to operate nutrition 1000 – 1500ml, in part by the lack of supplementary intravenous; if no adverse reaction after the 4th day or so can give adequate 3000ml. Start 1 – 2 days only with nutrient solution of glucose and vitamins, can be gradually changed after the soy milk, rice soup and milk. Since the 5th day of oral sugar, rice soup, milk and milk per hour, 60ml, after increasing day by day, until the hour 200ml. 9 in future into the semi-liquid diet, after 2 weeks you can start into smaller meals of ordinary food. If agreement were less satisfied or have concerns, should be delayed oral date.
Lower esophagus and cardia resection anastomosis treatment thin is a serious complication after esophageal surgery, but also the leading cause of death. Much thinner after surgery occurred in 3 – 5 days, the individual can occur within 10 days after the earlier occurs, the worse the prognosis. Usually after 3 – the 4th body temperature, pulse rate and more gradual decline in strength is gradually restored. However, if the 4 – 7 after a sudden rise in body temperature again, faster pulse rate and chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, physical examination and X-ray examination showed pleural effusion or water more pneumothorax should consider the possibility of anastomotic thin, you can Oral little blue or gentian violet, do thoracentesis. If out of the blue or purple liquids can be confirmed. At this point, closed drainage should be done early, large doses of antibiotics to control infection and blood transfusion, infusion and other systemic support treatment.
And stop oral, via gastric tube or jejunum made thin supply of nutrients to do. Small thin mouth may be healed. In severe infections, early repair of the sad mouth is difficult to succeed. After a period of observation, such as the desolate mouth diseases, can first external esophagus until the situation improved after the patients to consider the general line or substernal jejunal esophageal replacement with colon surgery.

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