Introduction of CT-related signs of cancer

By | March 30, 2012

Signs of gastric-related introduction of CT, cancer of the basic CT signs include: thickened gastric mucosa showed different degrees of uneven surface; cavity mass, for the isolation of the bulge, but also for the thickening of the stomach wall was not even out to the gastric lumen part of the leaf surface was not smooth, nodular or cauliflower-like; ulcer, showing the edge of depression, irregular circle, more than the bottom is not smooth, some stains need for multi-dimensional imaging War can only be clearly display; ring dike, surrounded by rich dike around the ulcer-like uplift, the outer edge can be sharp or clear; gastric stenosis, a narrow edge of stiff stomach and irregular, mostly non-symmetry to the heart narrow, with circumferential thickening of gastric wall asymmetry ; mucosal changes Pei wrinkles, showing the banner for similar hill-like mucosal surface uplift, uplift of continuous levels of display space, and Kawasaki-like form in a change in the spacing gradually narrows, integration, marking the disappearance of the concentration of mucosal folds throw into confusion, disruption and destruction change; some abnormal enhancement of gastric mucosal surface lesions (such as early cancer) after injection of contrast medium in 35-45s can be significantly enhanced, while the volume and muscle lesions, the peak enhancement in the mucosal surface, it is generally in the 50 – 60s after the emergence of a more peaceful and normal gastric wall with marked enhancement and longer. Introduction of CT-related signs of cancer, some of the pathological type of gastric cancer will have some special signs. Mucinous lesions containing a large number of the mucus-like substance, scan showed diffuse low-density, enhanced scan demonstrated no enhancement; signet ring cell carcinoma can sometimes be seen within the tumor and diffuse punctate calcification.
Three-dimensional reconstruction image shows the tumor better uplift, ulcer, ring dikes, mucosal concentration and the narrow lumen and wall stiffness.CT-related signs of gastric cancer, due to three-dimensional CT can be any angle on the outside of the comprehensive observation of the lumen, for the general classification of gastric cancer can play a greater role, especially Borrmann2, 3 type of cancer identification, the better shows a complete ring dike and whether or not gastric cancer invasion to the surrounding circumstances. Pei mucosal fold change is an important gastrointestinal radiology diagnostic performance in the past only through the double contrast to be shown, the traditional two-dimensional CT images show the signs more difficult. Using three-dimensional images and the observation at any angle, can better show the concentration of mucosal folds and interruption atlas change is conducive to double contrast display is not easy to fully display the areas, such as the anterior wall, greater curvature, lesser curvature, pyloric responsible for doors and areas.

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