HCC commonly used prescription diet

By | April 24, 2012

Commonly used prescription diet liver cancer, 1. Liver Con mushroom soup
Materials: Knife beans, mushrooms each 30g, liver, rice each 60g, onion ginger at the end, cooking wine, sesame oil, salt, pepper the right amount.
Production Method: Wash the pork liver, cut into 3cm, 1cm thick plates, the other are washed aside. Pan under the liver, mushrooms, beans knife fan speculation, and then the end of the next onion ginger and so on, adjusted the taste, pour into bowl and set aside. Rice into the pot, and boil the water soaked mushrooms Zhu Chengyu, such as the liver into the pot, then Shaozhu moment, you can eat. Daily for 1 second.
Comment: This feature Salted porridge is delicious, nutritious. Efficacy Bugan nourishing blood, spleen qi qi. For lack of blood, the spleen lost health movement, spleen liver were.
2. Wisteria Tang Ling Yi
Ingredients: Coix seed 20g, water chestnuts 20g, fresh wisteria 20g, honey appropriate.
Production Method: Wash the water chestnuts, peeled take the meat, wisteria stems Article washed, cut into pieces. Water chestnut shell, one-piece stem Wisteria gauze bag, into the pot, add the amount of water, the next coixenolide, Ling meat, stir boiling first, then use the text Huoao Zhu Chengyu, cooked, add a little fresh honey flavor.
Comments: This soup features sweet taste. Effectiveness of spleen Shenshi, detoxification, swelling. For constipation, edema, or ascites.
3. Arrowhead asparagus soup
Ingredients: Arrowhead Mountain 30g, asparagus 300g, crystal sugar.
Production Method: Arrowhead Mountain scrape off the outside skin clothing, wash, drain, cut into pieces. Wash asparagus, cut into pieces. Water into the pot and add cooked, remove and drain. Arrowhead films, asparagus, rock sugar into the bowl add a small amount of MSG, placed steamed for 20 minutes, cooked, remove the food.
Comments: This product features fresh slightly fragrant sweet refreshing. Effectiveness of detoxification and stomach, Endometriosis Phlegm. Qiang Xiong Xie stomach for pain, loss of appetite, swallowing difficulties, Nick inverse, with thermal imaging of liver cancer patients.
4. Shiquandabutang
Ingredients: Codonopsis 30g, Radix Astragali 30g, cinnamon 30g, Rehmannia 30g, Atractylodes fried 30g, fried Chuanxiong 30g, when the 30g, wine, white peony root 30g, Poria 30g, Baked Licorice 30g, pork 1000g, pig stomach 1000g, cuttlefish 150g, Ginger 100g, miscellaneous bone, chicken and duck feet fins, the amount of pig skin.
Will be installed for more than one drug at parties after the bulk bag yarn Zhakou, set aside. Made through the periosteum to the net cuttlefish, pig stomach, miscellaneous bones, pig skin, respectively, washed, the complex broken bones, ginger, washed film break, set aside. The above drugs and the prepared food at the same time into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, Wu Huo heated to boiling, the net write-floating foam, slow fire stew two hours, the meat, squid, chicken and duck wings claws picked up, cool air into the right film, wire, block, respectively, in full bloom, depending on the number of its components, install them one by one bowl, and then injected Yao Tang. Description: Shiquandabutang food and medicine can be applied a points system method.
This soup from the "Taiping Benevolent Dispensary Bureau" SDT decoction made. Loss of the original parties who indulge in blood Deficiency governing the card, use has been really effective. Is also added pork, squid, poultry, etc. under the foot stew, its nourishing tonic to strengthen the role of whom have the power better blood warming. Applicable to blood shortage, Jiubingtixu, pale complexion and other biased Deficiency of cards.
Commonly used prescription diet liver, 5. Poria buns
Ingredients: Poria 109, flour 1000g, fresh pork 500g, ginger 15g, pepper 5g, sesame oil 10g, Shaoxing wine 10g, salt 15g, soy sauce 10g, green onions 25g, bone soup 250go
Production Method: Poria skin to the net, water run through, steamed soft slices, juice with the boiling method, each respectively with water 4 00ml, heat and cook to mention 3 times, each time mentioning cook 1 hour, 3 times a concoction combined filter net, and then condensed into a 500, the stand-E 300g baking flour around and added warm water, 500, Tuckahoe, and into the dough fermentation. Pork mince, into the basin, add soy sauce, ginger, salt, sesame oil, Shaoxing wine, green onion, pepper, soup bone, stir into the stuffing. Carpenter to be made into noodles, add alkaline amount, plus filling made of buns. Will be put into the green body wrap steamer, steam for 15 minutes in boiling water Serve on the use of force.
Comment: This and the general consumption of steamed buns differences, is that Ling has been added, with spleen rather heart, and Water Shenshi effect. Therefore, the goods on the Spleen wet Sheng and see bloating, eat less, loose stools, dysuria, or patients with insomnia, palpitations, eat it useful.

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