Excessive alcohol induced tumors

By | October 30, 2011

Recent medical research also proves that a small amount of alcohol can reduce and alleviate cardiovascular disease, cancer and certain other conditions. But excessive drinking cause some increase in cancer incidence and mortality. International Cancer Research Center, which gave a comprehensive review, affirmed and reaffirmed the excessive consumption of alcohol induced tumors.
Chemical composition of alcoholic beverages outside of ethanol can be extremely complex in addition there are thousands of components. Mixture of wine may have hazards nitrite rubber compounds mycotoxins, amino acid B vinegar, asbestos (the asbestos into the filter in), and the raw materials of pesticide residues in fruit or attached to the monument clearly these are carcinogenic material. If mixed with methanol or ethylene glycol is more toxic.
Ethanol as a solvent or auxiliary agent can trigger the carcinogenic effects of other carcinogens. Has been clear for some carcinogens, such as nitrite rubber compounds, vinyl chloride, etc., alcohol can increase its carcinogenic effects. Alcohol itself is a surface disinfectant. High concentrations of alcohol can make the digestive tract mucosal surface of the protein denaturation and thus increased tumor incidence.
Induced tumors and excessive drinking throat cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, some research found that the joint effects of smoking show synergistic. Hepatitis B virus infection and aflatoxin and liver cancer relationship, excessive drinking has obvious synergistic effect. Excessive drinking can lead to genetic toxic effects, such as peripheral lymphocyte chromosome aberration, aneuploidy and sister chromatid exchanges increased and so on. In addition pregnant women with excessive alcohol consumption on fetal development toxicity and teratogenicity.
Excessive drinking can also aggravate the liver tumors induced by the burden of injury in liver metabolism and cause hepatomegaly. Long-term heavy drinking can cause cirrhosis and even liver damage alcohol will produce a large number of free radicals, contribute to liver cancer. Alcohol damages the liver cells by reducing the liver's detoxification ability can, including detoxification of carcinogens. Chronic alcoholism also reduce immune function, blood B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes decreased, function to reduce these factors promote a variety of cancers.
Excessive alcohol induced tumors, alcohol in the body wakes up the main metabolite is already certain carcinogens. Vast majority of Asians (including Chinese), because the relationship between genetically determined enzymes, liver and blood after drinking alcohol concentration wakes up higher and longer lasting, it should be cause for concern. In order to prevent cancer, measures to promote low-alcohol wine and the promotion of moderate drinking; known carcinogen in touch with the obvious (such as smoking) should not be drinking.

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