Esophageal cancer prevention and care

By | April 20, 2012

Esophageal cancer prevention and care, (a) to prevent
At present many areas of China was established, particularly in high incidence area of esophageal cancer prevention and control base for anti-cancer propaganda on a regular basis the implementation of esophageal cytology of esophageal cancer prevention play a role. Specific measures include:
(1) mold: fast food fast drying revenue, strengthen the custody, eating fresh vegetables, pickled food habits change.
(2) to glue: water treatment bleaching powder, to reduce the nitrite content of the water, dressed in uniforms of vitamin C to reduce the formation of gastric nitrite rubber.
(3) indium applied fertilizer: to avoid the accumulation of nitrite in vegetables.
(4) moderate, and severe esophageal epithelial cell proliferation, could give crude riboflavin-line treatment, but the effect is uncertain. B films in recent years with cancer and too Loron treatment has some effect, and can significantly reduce the cancer rate. To correct a lack of vitamin A is also important.
Esophageal cancer prevention and care, (b) Nursing
(1) to keep wards clean, quiet, sunny, the air circulation port.
(2) The orders were given food, the choice of high nutritional value, does not stimulate the esophagus easily digestible food.
(3) regular medication.
(4), esophageal intubation intubation for patients to maintain a clean and prevent infection.
(5) Note the patient mood swings, to comfort patients. In case of complications, promptly notify the doctor, actively cooperate with the rescue.

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