Esophageal cancer chemotherapy side effects of uranium along

By | March 19, 2012

Shun adverse reactions of uranium (1) renal toxicity. For the smooth dose-limiting toxicity of uranium, and occasionally a small dose can cause severe kidney damage. To prevention, to avoid irreversible renal damage, see Shun uranium dose therapy.
(2), gastrointestinal reactions. More than 30mg/ml each drug, the rate was 100% of the manifestations of acute and delayed nausea and vomiting. At 2h after treatment began, 6_8h reached the peak, sustained over 24h, loss of appetite and nausea continued 1_2 days, and some may last 1 week, a small number of patients have diarrhea. With the 5-HT3 inhibitors, acute vomiting has been well controlled. The incidence of delayed vomiting mechanism is still not clear, most scholars believe that the occurrence of 5-HT3 (5 – Jing colored plastic) and other factors, such as dopamine receptor glue, plastic H3 receptor groups, psychological factors . In addition, the chemotherapy drugs directly damage the epithelial cells of the gastrointestinal tract, causing less gastrointestinal function may also be delayed nausea and vomiting is one of the reasons.
Shun adverse reactions of uranium (3) bone marrow suppression. The general incidence of neutropenia was 27% (0_50%), 2_3 weeks to a minimum (2.0X109 a / L or less), 1_2 weeks recovery. Thrombocytopenia 100X109 a / L less, 16% (2% _50%), 2_3 weeks minimum (50X109 a / L or less), 1_2 weeks after recovery. Decreased hemoglobin 20g / L above 11% (9% _40%), uranium can damage the glomeruli due to a pair of smooth red blood cells caused by auxin.
(4) ototoxicity. Possession of the drug on the cochlear and vestibular toxic effects, the first tinnitus, the rate was 24% (0_90%), followed by hearing loss, the rate was 6% (2% _25%), first by high-frequency hearing loss video power loss of beginning (4000_8000Hz), to the low development, gradually increased until the complete loss of hearing. Uranium for selection along the outer hair cells in the inner ear, from the bottom of the outer hair cell damage, up to where the development of the general bilateral symmetry, cis uranium can accumulate rapidly and continuously into the ototoxicity increased. Tinnitus is usually reversible, moderate to severe ototoxicity is irreversible.
Shun adverse reactions of uranium (5) neurotoxicity. Prevalent in the total dose of more than 300mg / Kuang patients, mainly for peripheral nerve disorders, upper and lower extremity numbness, sensation, papilledema, and retrobulbar neuritis. Occasionally the central nervous system toxicity, there Laier Mi characteristics, posterior column spinal cord lesions, manifested by a sudden feeling of numbness like cervical spine transfer to the thighs and feet. Its extent increased with increasing dose, but also with age.
(6) hair loss. Mild hair loss.
Shun adverse reactions of uranium (7) Paper Yan, fever and allergic reactions. Showed facial edema, wheezing, tachycardia, and hypotension.
(8) Low blood Zhen, low blood calcium, low blood steel. Rare, there may be hand, foot and hit the catch, muscle twins recover from illness and ECG abnormalities.
Shun adverse reactions of uranium (9) liver dysfunction. Rare, only see aminotransferase increased.

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