Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug doxorubicin adverse reactions

By | March 20, 2012

(1) bone marrow suppression. The main side effects for the ADM, the occurrence rate of 60% – 80%, expressed as self-cells decreased after treatment in 10 – 14 Kusakabe bottoming out in the 21 resume. Platelets and red blood cells will be reduced, but generally not serious.
(2) cardiac toxicity. To doxorubicin than the toxicity of the major side effects limited to the use of long-term use of the drug. Can cause delayed severe heart failure. 6% – 30% of the patients, there may be a transient ECG changes, manifested as supraventricular tachycardia, ventricular contraction and ST-T changes, nothing to do with the dose and dosing regimen, generally do not affect the treatment; 1% there may be delayed for cardiomyopathy, manifested as acute congestive heart failure, are closely related with the cumulative dose, most of them occurred in the total amount of> 400mg / Kuang patients with pre-existing heart disease has nothing to do. If the cumulative total of more than 550mg/ml, the incidence of heart failure can be significantly increased. Changes caused by heart disease, and more in 1-6 months after discontinuation (mean 2.5 months). So that the use of small doses of treatment dose than the one-time administration can significantly reduce cardiac events.
(3) gastrointestinal reactions. Nausea, vomiting, usually in the 24 – 48h occurred. Some patients may have oral mucosal erythema, and ulcerative esophagitis, gastritis.
Doxorubicin adverse reactions (4) hair loss. 100% of the patients had varying degrees of hair loss, and many can cause alopecia totalis, but after stopping 1 – 2 months, can resume growth.
Doxorubicin adverse reactions (5) other. Small number of patients with fever, hemorrhagic rash, abnormal liver function and proteinuria. Extravasation ulcer and cause tissue necrosis. Concentration is too high can cause phlebitis. Bed in a few parts of pigmentation, skin Jubilee marks, nail loose from, the skin appears in the original radiation field redness or pigmentation, individual patients appear to enjoy Ma Yan, allergies, conjunctivitis, tears. After treatment of urine may be red. In addition, doxorubicin also increase the radiation and some anticancer drugs (CTX, FMTX, STZ) toxicity.

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