Diagnosis of mediastinal tumors points

By | October 19, 2011

Mediastinal tumor Diagnosis: the diagnosis of mediastinal tumors in different parts of the tumor is so important that radiology is a major means.
1. Chest, the chest radiograph is and / or tomography, mediastinal tumor location, shape, size, contour, density, and the relationship with adjacent structures to provide valuable information.
Mediastinal tumors points 2. CT examination can evaluate the infiltration of the tumor, mediastinal tumor and adjacent tissues to determine the relationship, it helps to estimate the tumor resection qualitative and possibility; MRI scan can accurately identify lymph node and blood vessels, and to three-dimensional observation with a large mediastinal tumor blood vessels and the heart of the relationship, after the tumor, the tumor can be observed and the relationship between the spine and spinal cord, and observe whether the tumor is clear violation of cardiovascular, chest wall, lungs and spine.
Mediastinal tumors points 3. Isotope examination isotope 131, I scan for the diagnosis of intrathoracic thyroid.
4. B ultrasonic examination over the mediastinum, solid and cystic lesions contribute to the identification.
5. Laboratory blood, blood biochemistry, urine analysis, suspected germ cell tumors, the proposed line from the AFP, CEA, and LDH and other tests.
6 points of mediastinal tumors. Cytology or pathology diagnosis, through percutaneous needle aspiration, mediastinoscopy, thoracoscopy, thoracotomy and other means to obtain the biopsy.

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