Diagnosis of chondrosarcoma

By | October 29, 2011

Mainly based on a history of chondrosarcoma, clinical manifestations, imaging and biopsy. X-ray film for most cases of chondrosarcoma of the initial diagnosis can be made, but well-differentiated chondrosarcoma and early secondary chondrosarcoma, plain films may be due to the lack of characteristic changes in malignant difficult to make a clear diagnosis.
Chondrosarcoma diagnosis 1. CT examination chondrosarcoma is superior to plain film calcification will help diagnosis. CT-chip chondrosarcoma is still the typical punctate calcifications, circular or semi-ring. CT can determine the extent of the tumor, clearly shows areas of bone destruction, soft tissue mass and in the necrotic liquefaction zone. Peripheral chondrosarcoma irregular thickening of the cartilage cap. Tang Lizhu other patients by pathology confirmed 22 cases of chondrosarcoma CT analysis, that the CT can be used as screening and diagnosis of chondrosarcoma a valuable tool.
Chondrosarcoma diagnosis 2. X-ray showed central chondrosarcoma of bone marrow cavity appeared irregular osteolytic bone destruction, border and more clear, a few may have hardened edge. Adjacent cortical bone may have different degrees of expansion, thinning, cortical bone tumors can be worn cartilage formation of lumps of different sizes. Area of bone destruction and soft tissue mass seen in the number of ranges, the uneven distribution of calcification. Calcification was circular, semi-circular or sand-like, which ring calcification of cartilage has identified as the source of qualitative value. Poorly differentiated tumors grow fast, may only see a few scattered punctate calcification calcification or even disappear. Periosteal reaction and can occur even Cadman triangle.
Peripheral chondrosarcoma, mostly malignant tumors of bone cartilage, in the X line showed more irregular thickening of the cartilage cap larger, edge blur, and the formation of irregular soft tissue mass, which appeared in different shapes calcification, osteochondroma of the original Some calcification fades, fuzzy, incomplete or disappear, the tumor attached to bone at the base and the Ministry of cortical bone destruction can occur.
Chondrosarcoma chondrosarcoma diagnosis 3.MRI check the performance of the other signals in TIWI or low signal and high signal intensity of malignant often lower. On T2WI. Low-grade tumors formed by homogeneous hyaline cartilage with high signal, but high signal intensity of malignant uneven. Calcification and ossification showed low signal. MRI can clearly show the cartilage cap of osteochondroma is estimated to have some help cents change, if the cartilage cap thickness is greater than 2cm, the possibility of a large chondrosarcoma.
Chondrosarcoma diagnosis 4. Biopsy diagnosis is necessary, but chondrosarcoma histological changes are not always consistent, especially in secondary chondrosarcoma and chondrosarcoma of the score, drawn parts may be an impact on the diagnosis. Therefore, preoperative biopsy should be taken as representative of the site, and the combination of clinical and imaging analysis of biopsy results. After a number of tumor samples should be representative for pathological observation of the site drawn to accurate diagnosis.

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