Diagnosis of cervical cancer are those

By | January 3, 2012

Cervical cancer diagnosis, often no obvious symptoms of early cervical cancer and no specific signs of chronic cervicitis with no significant difference, particularly older women have cervical atrophy. Some cervical cancer patients because of lesions located in the neck is still within the vaginal and cervical appearance was normal, resulting in missed or misdiagnosed easily overlooked.
Diagnosis of cervical cancer, cervical cancer is the most common cancer, followed by adenocarcinoma, squamous carcinoma and clear cell carcinoma are rare. Cancerous cervical epithelial scales that cause cancer, cervical cancer occurs, it can break through the basement membrane to form invasive mesenchymal violations. Adenocarcinoma tumor cells with the characteristics of columnar epithelium, forming glandular structures, interstitial infiltration.
Cervical cancer patients with diverse clinical symptoms of early part of the patient may have increased vaginal discharge, occasional bleeding after sexual intercourse in postmenopausal women may have intermittent bloody discharge. To medium significantly increased vaginal discharge and sometimes patients have water or rice water discharge out of the Gan, accompanied by foul or malodorous. Irregular vaginal bleeding, especially during sexual intercourse or bleeding after intercourse each time and some patients involving the tumor infiltrating the pelvic wall hip obturator nerve may have persistent pain along the inner thighs. To late, the symptoms continue to increase. Fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite, fever and other symptoms. A large number of bloody vaginal discharge may be thick stench of the liquid, can have genital pain or falling waist to thigh pain. Violation of bladder lesions, can occur frequency, urgency, dysuria and lower abdominal pain. Violation of the rectum, can cause diarrhea, blood in the stool, rainbow door bulge, tenesmus and other symptoms. Violation of the sciatic nerve, may have lower shares of pain, sciatica and other symptoms. Oppression or violation of ureteral lesions, severe cases can lead to ureteral obstruction, renal pelvis water, renal dysfunction and so on.
General no positive signs of early signs, the diagnosis of gynecological examination mid vagina, cervix may touch the surface quality of hard lumps uterine tissue can be thickened, tender, finger can be with blood. To the late diagnosis of gynecological examination within the finger into the vagina may appear difficult, you can touch as hard as rock mass quality uneven. And with the pelvic wall fixed, frozen, said Xiao basin. Local tenderness, which may provide a bloody fluid outflow. Most patients may be associated with late weight loss, anemia, appearance, and other signs of cachexia.
Cervical cancer diagnosis, common check:
(1) vaginal cytology.
(2) shy experiment.
(3) colposcopy.
(4) fluorescence examination.
(5) cervical angiography examination.
(6) neck tube scrapings of cervical biopsy examination.

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