CT Research lymph node metastasis

By | March 30, 2012

Progress in CT lymph node metastasis, cancer of lymph node metastasis is an important prognostic factor in gastric cancer, imaging is currently no means to carry out a preoperative accurate N staging. CT is a more common means. Many earlier studies to determine the size of lymph node metastasis as the indicator of value standards ranging from 5-10mm, were not at the same time ensuring the specificity and sensitivity of lymph node metastasis. The author in the study found a small lymph node metastasis in gastric cancer occupied a considerable proportion of lymph nodes, however, hard to read the way traditional film limitations, the detection of small lymph nodes is not efficient, how to improve the detection rate of small lymph nodes become imperative for further research. PACS workstation software I use to read the study by means of lymph node, summed up the software to read system specifications lymph node detection methods, including film-reading CTCine movie playback, window width and position of the dynamic normalization adjustment, image size of the dynamic adjustment, a reasonable reading order, etc. The results show that PACS diagnostic workstation CTCine method for lymph node detection was better than the film hard to read, including the following 5mm detection capabilities of small lymph nodes is particularly significant, as the latter laid the foundation for further research.
Progress in CT lymph node metastasis, studies have shown that the diameter increases with the lymph node, metastasis was significantly increased. Diameter and lymph node metastasis, lymph node metastasis is one of the basis to determine. But it should be noted, CT with enlarged lymph nodes does not imply necessarily the transfer, the following occurs when the increased performance of lymph nodes, suggesting the existence of the transfer: erosion-like, cystic, low-density around the center of high-density, relatively high density and Flower Mottled who was beaded arrangement of blood vessels increased oppression and mass-like lymph nodes metastasis. Fukuya using dynamic enhanced spiral CT scan showed: the transfer of lymph node metastasis was significantly higher than CT value of the lymph nodes, metastatic lymph nodes compared with non-metastatic lymph nodes have a greater short axis / long axis ratio, if the former 100Hu, the latter O .7 for the sector, both at the same time applications of up to 89.5%, positive predictive value.
In the actual clinical work, according to the morphology and enhanced performance of lymph node metastasis identification method applies only to the larger lymph nodes, and for smaller lymph nodes, there are still large in the diagnosis difficult. This author studied the CT detection of lymph nodes with metastasis in the number and found a correlation between the two tips should pay attention to the number of CT in the detection of lymph nodes to determine the importance of the transfer.
Progress in CT lymph node metastasis, researchers also found that CT detection of lymph node metastasis of gastric cancer cases and is closely related to the biological behavior of gastric cancer. I had 53 cases of radical resection of gastric cancer cases were spiral CT and pathologic study of lymph node metastasis imaging factors, results showed that: Bureau of cancer was limited (Borrmann1, 2 type) CT detection rate of lymph node, transfer rate is very low; and invasive carcinoma (Borrmann3, 4 type), CT detected significantly more than the number of type 2 lymph nodes, and the higher transfer rate; tumor penetrating serosa who, CT detection rate of lymph node metastasis in those who did not penetrate the serosa, while peritoneal metastasis, CT detected a higher rate of lymph node metastasis; scatter distribution for the lymph nodes, if they is Borrmann4 type cancer should be suspected as a wide range of transfer.

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