CT examination of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

By | December 3, 2011

CT examination is used clinically since 1970, a new technology, nasopharyngeal CT examination can detect early lesions of submucosal tissue, the tumor can be clearly displayed adjacent to the nasopharyngeal cavity, extension of the organization, and can clearly show the skull base bone destruction, is the clinical staging and radiotherapy treatment planning necessary means.
Nasopharyngeal CT examination 1. CT scanning in patients with supine position, scanning range, including the cavernous sinus, the lower bound should include the oropharynx and cervical lymph nodes, layer distance (thickness) 5mm. If the tumor than the above range, scan range should be expanded to include the full extent of disease. Coronal scans can show the actual thickness of the nasopharyngeal wall and the top skull base, middle cranial fossa and cavernous sinus situation. Examination of cervical lymph node, scanning the layer distance (thickness) can be 10mm. CT scan should be to make use of contrast agents.
The performance of CT examination 2.CT NPC
(1) mass: nasopharyngeal cavity-shaped, left-right asymmetry, highlighting the cavity; blunt pharyngeal recess, deformation, occlusion; swallowing, muscle swelling, lumps can also be highlighted to the cavity.
(2) tumor invasion to depth: submucosal tumor and the infiltration of the parapharyngeal space, causing deformation, displacement, compression, disappearance of change, about 70% to 80% of the patients had parapharyngeal space invasion; tumor further outward expansion can be invaded and pterygoid muscles, pterygoid muscle to enter Yen fossa, wing Teng fossa, maxillary sinus; back outside the area before and after the invasion and the styloid process, carotid sheath.
(3) skull base invasion: the performance of the solubility of bone destruction or bone sclerosis hyperplasia.
(4) intracranial invasion: There may be cavernous, cerebellar pontine angle violations.
(5) changes in cervical lymph nodes: in the CT images, you can clearly see the retropharyngeal lymph nodes, which is clinically difficult to check that. Also you can see the lymph nodes below the sternocleidomastoid muscle. After injection of contrast medium, it is easy and vascular respectively.
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