Complications of esophageal mechanical anastomosis of a stomach

By | March 22, 2012

Esophageal complications of a stomach following mechanical anastomosis anastomotic thin. According to statistics intrathoracic esophagogastric anastomotic thin mechanical anastomosis was significantly lower than the probability of hand-fit. The reason is: mechanical anastomosis anastomosis time than the manual is short, more opportunities to reduce pollution in the surgical field; mechanical anastomosis of esophagus and gastric bit neat, organized response to light, is conducive to the healing anastomosis.
complications of esophageal mechanical anastomosis of a gastric anastomotic stenosis. Occurred in the 26mm, 28mm stapler, most return to normal diet after dilation. In addition to intraoperative prevention reasonable choice of stapling the stomach of a size and the correct implementation of the esophagus, "telescope" type of embedding, the surgery to correct the patient's dietary guidance is also necessary.
stapling mechanical failure. Including nail off button or tool failure caused by blunt stapled lead cutting was incomplete, so the agreement must be carefully checked and correctly installed.
Gastric esophageal anastomosis of a large vessel anastomotic complications thin. Occurred in the esophagus the stomach cavity of a cerclage suture stretch. Preventive measures: first, to maintain a certain freeness anastomosis, so that at least 3cm support tube in the esophagus above the free state, to avoid the oppression of the surrounding tissue; second support tube should be away from large blood vessels and other vital organs; Third, the stomach wall hanging suture in the esophagus should be more than the support tube at the edge of isolated thoracic aorta and the support tube.
a reflux stomach. Occurred in the stomach cavity of a stretch of esophageal anastomosis spell early after ligation. Due to the existence of rigid support tube so that the junction of the stomach and esophagus was sustained open state, prone to stomach a reflux. Should be noted that half of the patients placed supine and maintain decompression open. Anastomotic healing, support tube off, the less scar tissue anastomosis epilepsy, systolic and diastolic good, and its ability to anti-reflux anastomosis is superior than the other.

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