Common side effects of oral morphine in the treatment preparation

By | March 29, 2012

With cancer, the "three step analgesic ladder" program widely implemented, more and more oral morphine preparations for the treatment of cancer pain patients, and achieved good effect. Danshi, in clinical practice, some patients on caution Koufu common adverse reaction morphine Zhiji Erbu with treatment; Youxiedrugs over time and thus delay, to some extent, affected the two step implementation of the program affected the "Let the cancer patients no pain "goals to reduce the patient's quality of life. Experience has shown that morphine preparations if used properly, can uphold the majority of patients taking a satisfactory therapeutic effect, the real was forced to withdrawal due to adverse effects of morphine, or use other means pain in only about 10%.
Formulations of oral morphine in all common constipation the most common adverse reactions, it is necessary, while agents in the use of morphine to take preventive measures, treatment effect after the occurrence of constipation than good. Main measures to increase the food intake of crude fiber, increase physical activity in patients taking stool softeners, lubricants or laxatives (such as: paraffin oil, hope skin, senna, Maren Runchang balls.)
Nausea, vomiting, morphine is a common adverse reaction preparations, the incidence is about 60%, and often appear in the first few days of treatment, side effects most patients can gradually go away. You Ding Lin, metoclopramide, ondansetron can often be an effective antiemetic. Acupuncture can be used also Zusanli Neiguan, oral vitamin BG and other traditional methods. Prepulsid on gastrointestinal motility in promoting the role of strong, such as the patients are also associated with constipation, then nausea, vomiting and constipation at the same time effective. Of severe nausea, vomiting or not eating in patients with bile door or through the vagina can be an effective analgesic.
The most common application of analgesic drug problem is lack of long-term, full and wait until the pain is not only to pain in patients with painkillers, contrary to the principle of timely delivery. Some patients do have resistance, can be combined with codeine, tramadol painkillers such as Second Step, you can alternately use of non-morphine preparations, such as fentanyl. In general, if the development of cancer, often becoming severe pain, morphine dose is bound to increase, it is of the disease, should not be considered resistance.
Common side effects of oral morphine preparations, long-term use of morphine in patients with sudden withdrawal, the withdrawal syndrome will occur, mainly as general malaise, drowsiness, irritability, sweating, tearing, runny nose, and even pumping hit. About 20% of cancer patients start using morphine analgesic agents after the change in pain with the disease no longer occurs, consider disabling pain medicine. At this time reduction should be gradual, slow withdrawal, to prevent the emergence of withdrawal syndrome. It should be noted that an individual patient withdrawal symptoms of physical dependence of morphine type drugs to deal with the appropriate fully lifted. It and drug addiction, that is, psychological (mental) is entirely dependent on two things, the latter mainly as a result of the pursuit of short-lived euphoria of drug craving and do not choose the section of drug seeking behavior. Domestic and international statistics show that cancer patients with Yin Zhi Tong and the right is not dependent on morphine form a psychological than 5 / 100 000, Suo Yi worry of cancer patients with morphine addiction is completely unnecessary.

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