Common side effects of chemotherapy – reduced red blood cells

By | March 27, 2012

Common side effects of chemotherapy – red blood cells reduced, and many chemotherapy drugs can cause red blood cells reduced, resulting in compounds representative of lead, such as DDP, folic acid antagonists such as MTX, resistance to cast a glance Ling Qi, burnt agent. Since the life of red blood cells up to 120 days, so generally taken anemia transfusion therapy. If the hemoglobin less than 80g / L, requiring blood transfusion therapy. But will also produce graft versus host disease (GVHD); sag allergic reaction, also produce anti-platelet antibodies.
To avoid these problems, see more use of blood transfusion, through the leukocyte filter to remove 99.5% of the white blood cells, red blood cells and then Zaishu. Common side effects of chemotherapy – red blood cells reduced, but Barra observed 217 cases of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma risk of derivatives and found that blood transfusion is one of the factors lead to poor prognosis. Therefore it is necessary to look for blood transfusion support treatment outside of cytokines, including granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating for erythropoietin (EPO) attracted people's attention.
Refined successfully purified EPO in 1975, 1985, to produce recombinant EPG, 95 began to clinical application. Preparations are currently in use E yin and yang and EP. To those of the biological activity and clinical effects of roughly the same. EPO is limited to the early indications of renal anemia caused by dialysis. October 1993 to expand the indications for dialysis and renal anemia prior to autologous blood transfusion after surgery due to anemia. EPO can induce the differentiation of bone marrow stem cells into red blood cells, can improve the tumor: anemia, can also improve chemotherapy-induced anemia. Due to price reasons, but also to blood cancer anemia therapy.
Platamias reported that EPO treatment such as chemotherapy anemia, the amount of 50,100,200,300, 5 times a week for 4 weeks intravenous drip point, 30 patients hemoglobin increased in 15 cases more than 10%. Amount greater than 200U/kg 13 patients of 11 were effective. Randomized double-blind study by David and other proof, EPO significantly increased hematocrit, decreased number of transfusions, and EPO treatment group QOL also improved significantly.
Common side effects of chemotherapy – reduced red blood cells, Mastro and other 43 cases were observed in patients with preoperative chemotherapy in breast cancer, EPO treatment group 22 cases, 21 cases of the control group, 48% of the control group than hemoglobin 100g / L, blood transfusion accounted for 9.5 %, while the EPO treatment group did not need a blood transfusion patients.

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