Colorectal Cancer

By | May 3, 2012

Cancer diagnosis, early colorectal cancer multiple symptoms, with the increase of cancer incidence and complications before the onset of symptoms, time is already late, radical surgery is only 50.21% 5-year survival rate of early colorectal cancer after 5 year survival rate of 75% -90%. Shows colon cancer early diagnosis is to improve the 5-year survival rate of the key. On symptomatic patients, it is timely for the relevant inspection the following:
(A) digital rectal examination
Is a non-invasive, low-cost, simple and effective way of checking. 75% -80% of rectal cancer occurred in 7cm from the anal margin within the reach of all in the range of DRE, so patients who have symptoms, especially the blood, who must carry digital rectal examination, if necessary, with the rectum mirror.
(B) imaging CT virtual endoscopy in the
X-ray gas in use silver double contrast enema is one yuan create easy ways to be classified as routine, check the items, but often can not be classified. CT virtual endoscopy in the ongoing, is a non-invasive examination, the patient no pain, for those who can not tolerate colonoscopy is a good supplement to. It is all in addition to the tumor can also be found in the proximal section of the performance outside the intestine, such as mesenteric infiltration, lymph node metastasis and distant metastasis. The downside is, you can not directly check the lesion biopsy, for the Lebanese membrane surface uplift or depression of superficial lesions of the sensitivity difference. At present, most believe that CT virtual endoscopy can not be as colonoscopy or incomplete colonoscopy observed an important complement to check colon cancer patients means.
(C) the importance of colonoscopy colonoscopy is currently all the diagnosis of colorectal cancer examination can not be replaced with other advantages, the reason is not only a visual endoscopic colorectal brand-film to find early lesions, And living through Department of biopsy of the lesion were assessed histologically flat. But also for the early endoscopic colorectal cancer type, which is the treatment of colorectal cancer and has important prognostic value. Recently, development of magnifying endoscopy, endoscopy and EUS dyeing and other new technology, early colorectal cancer on the scope and level of violations to determine whether the lymph node metastasis than colonoscopy and also enhance the simple step. It currently has some symptoms of colorectal cancer endoscopy are often preferred, unless there are contraindications, before considering the use of other methods, but in the end still can not replace endoscopy.
Colorectal Cancer (iv) detection of serum tumor markers
The diagnosis of colorectal cancer: carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) testing the most commonly used, but only 40% -70% of patients with colorectal cancer increased serum CEA. Other common colorectal cancer-related markers, such as CA19-9, CA72-4, etc., the diagnosis of colorectal cancer specificity and sensitivity lower. Of CEA or CA19-9 increased in patients with colorectal cancer, after treatment, the value decreased to normal later in the follow-up, they found elevated, then determine the recurrence or metastasis of colorectal cancer have a certain significance.

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