Colorectal cancer screening method

By | May 4, 2012

Colorectal cancer screening method, (a) X-ray examination of colorectal cancer
1. Colorectal X-ray examination found that the purpose of disease, diagnosis. has been diagnosed on clinical or endoscopic cases, x-ray examination helps to understand the extent of disease, the availability of frequently occurring change in order to assist the clinical stage. whether combined with other colon disorders. 2.X-ray examination method. Conventional barium enema filling the rectum to the cecum all taken after barium filling film. Then let patients schedule barium, observed and photographed mucosa mucosa slice. And then into the amount of air for double contrast examination.
2. Direct double contrast double contrast colon examination in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer for the preferred method, which can provide the shape of colorectal lesions, type, size and location. Commonly used drugs such as hypotonic Hill: King of Ani (654-2) 20mg or 20mg intravenous or intramuscular buscopan, and then make a patient prone head low enough to get high, poured into the barium, silver, first up the left splenic flexure or transverse colon cease; into the air, forming a double contrast. Intake of supine, prone position, left and right level of the anteroposterior projection and double oblique films showed lesions. Film is too small, easily lead to misdiagnosis. Be sure to check the rectum rectum radiograph taken. Double contrast colon surgery is safe, reliable, simple, easy to accept the patient. Can clearly show the small colon disease, greatly improving the detection rate of colonic lesions, and diagnosis.
(B) B-scan of colorectal cancer
In recent years, gastrointestinal ultrasound scan in the clinical diagnosis has gradually been recognized. It may be the scope of gastrointestinal lesions, the extent of wall thickness, tumor size and growth pattern, internal structure and surrounding tissue to be displayed, along with clinical findings may assist in cancer invasion and metastasis outside. Gastrointestinal Endoscopic ultrasound can also help cancer staging. Generally believed that ultrasound is a poor sensitivity and specificity of images of a good screening method. Gastrointestinal endoscopic ultrasound and fiber bow hypotonic double contrast X ray imaging combined their talents to their respective, complementary and conducive to the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases.
Transrectal ultrasonography, on tumor growth, invasion and metastasis of observation range and pelvic scan through the abdominal wall than accurate. Endoscopic ultrasound in the normal rectal wall appears as five images, from the inside out as follows: mucosal surface, mucosa, submucosa, muscularis, serosa and subserosal fat. No. 1,3,5 hyperechoic layer, the first hypoechoic layer 2,4. Endosonography can observe the depth of tumor invasion, tumor is confined to muscle or fat around extended to the rectum, lymph node metastasis. These are the basis for staging, can affect the choice of surgical approach, and determine the need for preoperative radiotherapy. Found outside the intestinal wall infiltration, and draining lymph nodes surrounding the transfer of endoscopic ultrasound-sensitive than CT.
Colorectal cancer screening method (c) CT scan of colorectal cancer
CT examination of the role is a clear violation of the bowel disease situation, the spread of the wall outside the scope of the surrounding tissues, organs and lymph node metastasis and other information, and can find its complications and to make colorectal cancer preoperative staging for the selection of appropriate treatment and provide evidence.
Postoperative cases, CT scans help: to observe whether the postoperative complications. Its range of detection of recurrence and . 3 whether the liver, lung, brain, bone and lymph node metastasis. have been found to have solitary metastases in patients transferred elsewhere for further examination to determine whether the treatment program. can not determine the nature of the mass, down in CT guided needle aspiration biopsy. of patients with recurrence and metastasis can be observed after the treatment effect.
Cavity and mucosal lesions observed, air double contrast enema Dayton CT scan is superior than. But the CT scan can show the intestinal wall (muscle) and their organizations such as parenteral mesentery, peritoneal cavity, retroperitoneal, and solid organ is invaded, it can add silver enema CT scan inadequacies.
CT scan method: bowel preparation before the examination of patients with conventional barium enema. Water 1 hour before scanning from 400 to 600 when the bladder expansion. Scan 30 ~ 45min before the oral administration of 1% to 2% diatrizoate 400 ~ 600 when filling the small intestine. Injected 5min before scanning buscopan 20mg, relax the intestinal smooth muscle; anal intubation into the 1% diatrizoate or water or water-oil emulsion 200-500ml, or gas injection 600, the expansion of the colon and contrast filling. Patients were placed prone position, scanning the range from the lower edge of pubic symphysis to the iliac crest, if necessary, including the liver; slice thickness 10mm, continuous scanning. Female patients in the vagina helps to put a tampon vaginal and cervical positioning. To observe the rectum, the patient scanned prone position to take, can be inserted with a balloon dirty pipe, air injection of about ZOO ~ 300ml inflatable rectal expansion; scan range from the lower edge of pubic symphysis to the iliac vessel bifurcation. Using cross-sectional imaging scan picture, a few cases viable coronal and sagittal image reconstruction.
Colorectal cancer screening method (IV) colorectal cancer MRI examination
MRI has better resolution because of various characteristics of the organizational structure and energy simultaneously coronal, sagittal and transverse scanning feature, which has started the inspection and staging for rectal cancer. Reported the value of MRI staging of rectal cancer with CT equal to or better than CT.
MRI examination of patients need to clean the bowel before, the use of double contrast with the gas Dayton similar bowel preparation. 0.51h water before scanning 500-1000m, your bladder. 5-10min before scanning buscopan muscle injection 20mg, in a hypotonic state of the intestinal, intestinal expansion. Patients take the prone position, with the balloon inserted into the anus tube, about 200-300ml of gas injection inflated rectal expand and maintain this position for scanning.

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