Cancer tumor factors – body factors

By | December 5, 2011

Normal cells in the tumor is the body in different factors initiating and promoting long-term loss of life under the action of differentiation and abnormal formation of the new creatures, not the cause of the tumor is very simple to the cancer causing factors – body factors mainly in the following areas:
Cancer tumor factors – body factor 1. Genetic factors genetic factors and the relationship between human cancer although no direct evidence, but the cancer has a genetic tendency, that is genetic susceptibility.
Cancer tumor factors – body elements 2. Endocrine factors related to the occurrence of certain hormones and cancer, such as estrogen and prolactin and breast cancer , the occurrence of endometrial cancer; growth hormone can stimulate the development of cancer.
Cancer tumor factors – factors that the body 3. Immunological factors in congenital or acquired immune deficiency are prone to cancer, autoimmune diseases such as acquired susceptibility to cancer. Globulin deficiency and susceptibility to leukemia and other blood and hematopoietic system cancer, organ transplantation in patients with long-term use of immunosuppressive agents, tumor incidence is also high.

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