Cancer patients sleep and pain management

By | October 26, 2011

Cancer patients during treatment to ensure that the symptoms of sleep quality and good care is very important.
(1) pain in cancer patients in the treatment of sleep and the sleep treatment
Cancer patients to ensure adequate sleep, such as insomnia, to be processed, such as too many naps during the day, can cause can not sleep at night. This day will encourage patients with multiple activities such as walking and so on. Pain is the most common cause of the insomnia, regular use of analgesics and patient care and comfort can be given to help patients fall asleep, such as patients with anxiety or fear can not sleep, family members can accompany a cup of hot milk before bedtime, can help your feet with warm water sleep, and finally a variety of methods does not work, ask the doctor to help them fall asleep.
(2) of cancer patients in the sleep and pain management pain management
The source of pain in patients with cancer may be caused by cancer itself may also be caused by the treatment, some patients can not have any pain, but some patients may be continuous pain, and with the aggravation of the disease increases, so must the help of painkillers, to alleviate the pain.
Cancer patients sleep and pain management, some patients do not want to apply pain medication, try to endure the pain until can not stand when it is taking pain medicine. In fact, doing so wrong, because patients with persistent pain will consume energy, affects sleep, eating and activities, which affect the body. The correct medication is to take medication regularly, as oral, administered by step, varies, of course, medication should be carried out under a doctor's care, family and more caring, patient, help to alleviate his depression, so as to reduce his pain . For bedridden persons, every two hours for his position a conversion, do a simple activity or massage the hands and feet, can reduce the discomfort caused by prolonged bed rest.

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