Cancer patients after peripheral intravenous injection

By | March 31, 2012

That can not by the digestive tract (oral, tube feeding) to add the necessary number of nutrients patients taking intravenous nutrition in two ways. Peripheral vein and a large vein that high nutrition.
Cancer patients after peripheral intravenous injection of 1. Application of the indication
(1) lack of supplementary oral nutrition;
(2) short-term fasting patients;
(3) added whole blood, plasma, albumin, water, electrolytes, etc. to correct the anemia, hypoproteinemia, and water, electrolyte and acid-base balance.
Cancer patients after peripheral intravenous injection of 2. Commonly used solution of 5% – 10% 5% glucose solution hydrolyzed protein solution. In addition, the choice of 5% alcohol solution (grams of alcohol per heating 7cal) and 20% fat emulsion. Although hypertonic glucose solution for the heat more, but easy to cause phlebitis and venous thrombosis, long-term use can not reach the objective of a large number of additional calories. The liquid used after surgery.
Cancer patients after peripheral intravenous injection of 3. Precautions
(1) strict aseptic operation, particularly hydrolyzed proteins or amino acid infusion, the time not too long, closed air-filtering application to prevent bacterial contamination reactions or systemic infection caused by severe punishment.
(2) to protect vein, in order to avoid phlebitis. Protect the vein is:
1) Strict aseptic technique, the puncture site should be properly covered, dressings when wet, have to replace, but with 75% alcohol disinfection of the skin around the puncture point.
2) needle, intravenous catheter or plastic tube must be properly fixed and can not always move in order to avoid intimal injury.
3) Try to avoid intravenous infusion of hypertonic or irritant drugs intima. If you must use, as soon as possible after use of 5% glucose or isotonic saline solution rinse.
4) If found to have blocked static point, the application space needle aspiration, should not try to pressure infusion tube repeatedly rank among the small blood clots out of the solution to the problem. So, a small blood clot squeezed: stick in the vein wall produced after embolization, and the squeezing action itself is also sufficient to stimulate the venous intima.
5) If the vein has been found to inflammation (pain, redness and swelling), should be replaced vein, should not be forced to continue to use, so as not to lead to serious consequences. Vein inflammation topical heat, diathermy and other methods of treatment. If the place of service, the Office shall promptly cut drainage and proximal ligation, to prevent the spread of infection.
6) distal veins start from the body, the use of vein puncture, venous cut less to save vein.
7) Long-term intravenous infusion are, in the solution by adding a small amount of hydrocortisone (liquid per IOOOml adding lO_20mg, the day the amount of not more than 50mg), a reduction of the role of phlebitis.

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