Cancer care body

By | April 20, 2012

Cancer body care, 1. Exercise, so physically robust
2. To control their emotions, and always remain optimistic, progressive mental state has always been considered the motherland medicine, depression, take heart and other negative mental states and cancer pathogenesis. In recent years, modern medicine also believes that the incidence of cancer, the relationship between development and great emotion. Some scholars believe that in the three stages of cancer evolution, that is induced by priming and progress, the emotional trigger and progress of the great impact on the relationship between induced small. Therefore, controlling their emotions, is extremely important, not only for cancer prevention benefit, in the early detection of cancer, to continue to maintain a positive and optimistic spirit, a certain impact on the treatment.
3. To improve the immune status of two aspects, one can reduce the immune elimination of the disease, some common diseases such as influenza, can reduce the body's immune function and should be prevented. Overwork, starvation, also reduce the immune status. Second, enhance immune function, including the guarantee of nutrition, physical integrity, emotional, optimistic and so on.
Body cancer care, 4. Centralizer law medical theories about evil from the motherland, to improve anti-cancer ability of the body, but also rousing. Centralizer is the lack of support the body upright while the so-called virtual fill it. The case of deficiency found to give the corresponding benefit. Of course, benefit from the diet is also very important. Qi to eat red bean, yam and the like, to eat mutton Yang, carp, leeks, pigeons and so on. Deficiency of blood to eat glutinous, child worship, dates and the like, yin to eat duck, honey. Law Act, except the evil was evil, according to medical theory of the motherland, people living in the "gas exchange" among the words and the moon and stars, weather changes and so closely related. These changes in living environment, can cause the disease, are known as evil. Method of eliminating this kind of life changes in the environment impact on the body, known as dispelling evil. For example, humid weather, so that the body prone to wet phlegm, dampness and phlegm, is a way of evil desiccant method. Always pay attention to changes in living environment, and to take appropriate preventive measures, known rousing.

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