Can childbirth and breastfeeding cancer patients

By | October 22, 2011

Can childbirth and breastfeeding cancer patients?
Cancer in general is not directly genetic, in theory, a branch of the birth of cancer patients is still possible, cancer patients can childbirth and breastfeeding, but for married women from the medical point of view of tumor should be to discourage pregnancy and childbirth. Endocrine disruption due to the body. Changes in immune function may promote tumor development, tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy can lead to fetal brain shape or abortion. Similarly, breast cancer patients should not own milk, because of the increase of prolactin causes tumor cell growth, increase in patient physical exertion.
In fact the clinical breast cancer patients Ruqi diffusion transfer are common occurrences, on breast cancer patients even more so.Can childbirth and breastfeeding in patients with cancer, so breast milk may promote cancer cell biology volts negative of the disease, breast milk is best not to breast cancer patients, cancer patients should also be true that he delayed or forbidden according to the condition being fertility and breast milk.

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