Breast symptoms

By | May 3, 2012

Breast cancer symptoms 1. Nipple discharge breast cancer primary in the large duct or tube cancer, the more the combined D for bloody nipple discharge, bloody pulp, serous, or water-like liquid milk samples.
2. Yuan painful mass in the majority of single, irregular edges, hard. Breast cancer confined to the substance can be active. If the violation of the chest wall is fixed, occur in the breast outside the top.
3. Pain, mostly pain, dull pain, referred pain or tingling.
4. Breast skin changes, the surface of normal skin: cancer or deep parts of the early time. "Dimple sign" early superficial adhesion with the skin, so skin depression, called "dimple sign." "Leather chair-like" changes: When the lymph vessels are blocked, there may be edema of the dermis, the skin was "Love the skin-like" change. "Satellite nodules" lymphatic cancer cells continue to grow, can become scattered skin nodules, this is late symptoms.
5. Breast contour with a complete change in the arc of normal breast contour, such that any defect or unusual arc-shaped, often breast cancer performance.
Symptoms of breast cancer 6. Nipple and areola of the abnormal fibrous tissue and breast ductal system can be reduced due to tumor invasion, pulling the nipple so the nipple retraction, depression, or even into the areola.

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