Breast Cancer Care points

By | May 3, 2012

Breast Cancer Care points (-) breast cancer surgical care
Preoperative Care:
(1) good psychological care of patients, reduce the ideological concerns and fears.
(2) explain the significance of postoperative functional exercise.
(3) of patients required skin graft donor sites ready skin.
Postoperative care:
(1) looking closely observe the patient, breathing, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature changes to detect the disease. The patient regained consciousness, such as stable vital signs, desirable semi-recumbent position, the airway open and facilitate the drainage. Make clear to patients the importance of chest compression bandage, the patient breathing oxygen, to give a sense of urgency.
(2) vacuum assisted drainage tube care to maintain smooth, fixed, anti-extrusion; negative pressure should be maintained at 100mmHg, too much can cause poor drainage drainage tube deflated collapsed; often squeeze drainage tube to prevent plugging; close observation of fluid drainage the nature and amount, and make a record; drainage tube removed 48 hours normally.
(3) wound dressing care 3_5 days after replacement of dressings, wound dressings observe whether the exudate, fluid, and the potential risk of infection.
(4) observation of the operated side arm care the color of the affected arm, mobility, with or without swelling of the lymphatic flow obstruction. If swelling, apply a pillow paving affected limb, so that hand above the elbow.
Breast Cancer 's care points (5) functional exercise
The 1_2 days (in bed), the extensor affected limb adduction, fist, wrist flexion activities.
3_4 days after surgery, exercise, and above elbow flexion exercises.
5_7 days after surgery, with a loose chest, exercises with the affected hand with palpable contralateral shoulder and ear.
7 _ 10 days after surgery, exercise, Taigaohuanzhi elbow flexion, elbow and shoulder level gradually Taigaohuanzhi exercise.
10 _ 14 days after surgery, exercise affected arm over the head touched on the ear, and practice the hands on the back of the neck to both sides, and then climbed the wall to raise the fingers to do to strengthen the function of affected limb elevated.
upper limb exercise after discharge rotation.
(6) Observation and nursing care of postoperative complications are common complications of wound fluid, skin flap necrosis and ipsilateral arm lymphedema. Wound fluid, the timely replacement of dressings; flap necrosis, skin grafting when necessary; operated side arm lymphedema, padded arm position, early functional exercises.
(B) of the radiotherapy of breast cancer care
Comprehensive assessment of the condition of patients before radiotherapy, the biochemical examination, the elaboration of radiation treatment planning, radiation field to protect the skin.
Breast Cancer Care points (c) chemotherapy for breast cancer care buried
During chemotherapy, to observe the side effects of chemotherapy drugs, and to make clear to the patient properly, reduce the patient fears. Avoid high fat diet, hormone menopausal women with caution. Church self-examination methods, visions do monthly breast self-test one week after menstruation. On family history, find the side of suffering from urinary cancer, benign breast disease and other patients to do breast examination every year to early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

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