Biological treatment of liver cancer

By | October 9, 2011

Biological treatment of liver cancer
Biological treatment of liver cancer, liver cancer patient's immune status, in all aspects of the immune network, there are different degrees of defects and disorder, in which immune-based.
China has tried in recent years has been vaccine, embryonic cells, transfer factor, immune RNA, thymus, skin, BCG (BCG), Corynebacterium small (CP), L-lag such as microphones, but the effects are not significant. More than one hundred cases in which trial by BCG only increased the efficacy of small amplitude, CP is effective for control of malignant pleural effusion, CSF use will help to enhance the amount of chemotherapy to improve efficacy.
Study found that liver cancer patients the ratio of CD4 positive cells decreased CT, CD8 + cells CT8) ratio increased, resulting in T4/T8 ratio decreased. HCC was observed in and around the area of non-tumor distribution of T lymphocyte subsets found within the OKT4 cancer less, OKT8 dominant, suggesting a lower immune response to tumor area. In addition to T lymphocyte subsets in addition, NK and LAK cell activity also decreased liver cancer metastasis , NK cell activity decreased obviously; with the mass increases, NK cell activity also decreased, but no significant differences. Cellular immune function, is also reflected in the level of cytokines, peripheral blood mononuclear cells in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma induced interleukin mortar 1 (IL-l), interferon y (IFN-) activity was significantly reduced, while tumor necrosis factor ( A TNF ) levels were significantly increased vitality. Liver cancer biological therapy, according to the above shows that the immune status of patients with liver cancer was low overall, as the reasons are not clear. Some people think that self-immunocompromised patients with liver cancer is caused by weakened immune surveillance. Others believe that immunocompromised hosts and produce a variety of serum tumor inhibitory factor related. Thus, application of immune therapy and a variety of biological response modifiers (BRMs) has its base. Biological therapy is now considered the first four kinds of cancer therapy, ie surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, another outside of therapy. Gutterman biological treatment of human cancer is divided into four categories: Anti-proliferation: such as interferon and from (-IFN, self-IFN), transforming growth factor (33-TGF) and so on. immunity: If acetabular interleukin 2,4 (IL-2, IL-a, -IFN, tumor necrosis factor (TN discretion, various monoclonal antibodies. hematopoietic growth factors: colony stimulating factor (CSF). anti-metastasis, anti-angiogenesis: tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases, such as (TIMPI, TIMP2), collagenase inhibitor, platelet factor 4 and so on. Therefore, biological treatment is beyond the recent past, immunotherapy or biological reflect the modifier (BRMs ) areas.
Vaccine is used after resection of cancer to biological, physical or chemical treatment process, into tumor cell homogenate or suspension, force at complete adjuvant made of autologous or allogeneic to active immunization. However, the tumor can not, as the Yin and expected, significantly improve the specificity of host immunity to control tumor growth, spread and recurrence of purpose. The reason, which may be due to weak immunogenicity of tumor cells, especially as the liver that solid tumors, has not yet been identified tumor specific antigen CTSA), resulting in the immune system does not recognize that there is little or no immune immunogenicity of tumor cells. In addition, a high degree of host immune function and is inhibited state, so have little effect specific active immunotherapy, which has long been at a standstill. The development of tumor immunology and genetic engineering technology, so that people may or genes at the molecular level to study the induction of the expression of tumor antigens and stimulate the immune system to recognize tumor antigens, to arouse the active host immune response. B, hepatitis C virus encodes the TSA, liver cancer vaccine virus recombinant vaccine, with activated lymphocytes and tumor cell fusion since the formation of hybridoma lines, and anti-idiotypic antibodies Cld-Ab) such as a new generation of cancer vaccines development, to cancer prevention and treatment of human hope.
Biological treatment of liver cancer, due to the efficacy of monotherapy was not significant, the trend of biological treatment of integrated applications for a variety of agents. If IL-2/LAK, IL-2/TIL, IL-2 / AD3AK etc, but to prove the efficacy of a large sample of randomized controlled trials has not been reported.

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