B ultrasound diagnosis of esophageal cancer

By | April 3, 2012

B ultrasound diagnosis of esophageal cancer shows tumor thickening of parts of the food broke into the esophageal wall cavity, can also be presented outside the convex, generally fusiform. Expansion of the upper esophageal cancer, severe funnel-shaped.
Thin section of the lumen is cancer, or even completely disappear. Early tumor surface regularity, such as the rugged late. Tumor ulceration, the ulcer showed a jagged surface, like bulge in the middle depression, ranging from the tumor echo intensity, under normal circumstances, most echo the low side.
Early esophageal cancer symptoms of mild, slow progress, they are often taken by the people, lack of timely diagnosis and treatment. If those who automatically come to hospital for treatment, most patients have advanced stage. At this time the typical symptoms and signs are very easy to diagnose.
B ultrasound diagnosis of esophageal cancer, there is no effective early detection methods, clinical general should note the following: Where more than 40 years of age, especially men, if not comfortable eating or obstruction, esophagus should be considered first cancer. Whenever suspicious patients should take tablets or swallow esophageal Dayton perspective. x-ray examination is an essential means of diagnosis of esophageal cancer. X-ray examination after the diagnosis of esophageal cancer patients already in the clear on the basis of lesion sites, cytology should be done in time to a more definite diagnosis. high index of suspicion for esophageal cancer patients, the application can not be diagnosed after the examination, consider the esophageal endoscopy. Microscopic lesions and its scope can be directly observed, and forceps biopsy for pathological examination. The examination of the patients have some pain, has been rarely used.
B ultrasound diagnosis of esophageal cancer, as in the diagnosis of esophageal cancer cases when a considerable portion of distant metastasis has been, so the chest X ray, liver and stomach scan selectively simultaneously with the other checks.

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