Appropriate physical activity cancer patients

By | October 28, 2011

As the saying goes, water does not rot, a door hinge is not stupid, appropriate exercise is physical fitness, longevity and effective method, but also cancer patients after treatment, an effective way to restore the body function. People often say "life is movement," which reveals a rule of life – moving is not bad. Pavlov secret of longevity, one is to rely on labor training; Second, is the good life by the system to comply with the law; third, is to abstain from alcohol and tobacco. Can be seen, its effects on human health and longevity is how important it is. So, cancer patients can not do physical exercise? The answer is yes, but its content is different from ordinary people, cancer patients with appropriate physical exercise.
Cancer patients the content of appropriate physical exercise has its particularity, before taking part in physical exercise, your physician should check for a more comprehensive body, to fully understand their own and according to their own circumstances, to choose their favorite for their own physical condition sports, physical exercise in the process, to be good at self-observation, to prevent adverse reactions, and regularly review body, in order to adjust training methods. Also, if you encounter fever, cancer relapse, bleeding tendency in some parts, since the cells lower than normal and so it is best to stop the exercise, so as to avoid accidents.
First of all, to participate in physical exercise to enhance the confidence and courage, not to have concerns, to integrate into the society. Many cancer patients believe that their suffering anyway, "incurable disease", to participate in exercise, what is the use? This recognition is extremely wrong, and cancer patients in the case of physical condition should not only be allowed to participate in physical exercise, and some exercise programs for cancer patients is very positive, such as to participate in jogging, some analysis, after jogging every day to obtain oxygen 8 times more than usual supply, jogging can also make people sweat, sweat, the body can lead, silver, plated and other carcinogenic substances from the body, and can improve the body's ability to create self-cells, therefore, jogging to prevent cancer.
Moreover, cancer patients appropriate physical exercise, cancer patients through clinical comprehensive treatment, the need to increase nutrition, need to adjust the body's various systems and coordination of the recovery of function, participate in appropriate physical activity, can relax the tension, enhance physical fitness as soon as possible, enhance immunity, is very beneficial for the rehabilitation of the disease. Through physical exercise, not only can improve cardiopulmonary function and digestive function, but also to improve nervous system function, improve the body's ability to adapt to external stimulation to relieve the tension and the cerebral cortex in patients with anxiety, help rest and sleep. Participate in sports activities, you can go to their integration into society, can reach more people, and many more people, patients can communicate with more experience to overcome the disease and establish the confidence to overcome the disease, there conducive to mental and physical aspects of recovery.

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