After the treatment of tumor recurrence or metastasis

By | November 13, 2011

Tumor recurrence or metastasis after treatment, all cancer patients is currently about 30% of applications can be cured, long-term chance of survival, but there are about 50% of cancer patients in the course of a tumor recurrence or metastasis after treatment . If the tumor with local recurrence, isolated lesions, surgical treatment can be, or with radiotherapy, combination chemotherapy, the tumor does not necessarily rule systemic metastases, systemic chemotherapy should be used transfer cases depending on the circumstances given drug or surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy , Chinese medicine, comprehensive treatment. Same patients, family members, medical staff to trust each other, cooperation and common efforts to make conditions better. Even if there is systemic metastasis, or should give up treatment, many patients still in treatment after tumor recurrence.
Tumor recurrence or metastasis after treatment, some patients holding a strong desire to survive, the comprehensive treatment of active and reasonable, with appropriate physical exercise, Qigong therapy, will be a longer survival, better quality of life. So no way to tumor recurrence is not equal, to take more comprehensive treatment of God means the spleen of tumor recurrence in patients with advanced or young a certain effect.

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