A comprehensive introduction bowel obstruction

By | April 12, 2012

Introduce a comprehensive bowel obstruction. Diagnosis: According to the typical clinical presentation, diagnosis of bowel obstruction usually is not difficult. But can also make some additional tests. Include:
(1) X-ray examination: colonic obstruction, the abdominal plain film shows pneumatosis proximal colon obstruction, effusion, intestinal fullness, when positioning multiple fluid levels, especially in the cecum things tend to show more than the normal return to the small intestine , if the ileocecal valve dysfunction can also be found when the intestinal flatulence lapel. Iraq, enema, especially with thin locks, and air contrast examination methods Dayton show morphologic abnormalities within the colon has a high accuracy, the location and cause of obstruction can be used for diagnosis.
(2) B-ultrasonic examination: colon obstruction, the sound characteristics of the tumor as Figure obvious thickening of the bowel wall, bowel distortion, expansion of proximal colon obstruction and colon diameter> 9cm occurs when there is the risk of cecal perforation. Tumor metastasis can often explore and enlarged lymph nodes, liver metastasis and ascites, and other indirect signs.
(3) Endoscopy: endoscopic lesions can be directly observed and may also obtain tissue for pathological examination, the remaining part of the large intestine also get a clear understanding of the situation.
(4) CT scan: CT examination showed not only the perimeter cavity tumor and its scope of involvement, but the main thing is to show violations of the intestinal wall intestinal wall thickness to determine the lesion depth and scope of violations to the outside wall, and found that intrahepatic metastasis and para-aortic foci with or without lymph node enlargement.
(5) digital rectal examination: diagnosis of cancer is the simplest and most important method, such as operating properly, can reach 12-15cm away from the dirt at the edge of the tumor.
A comprehensive introduction bowel obstruction, 2. Treatment: systemic preparation and carrying out the necessary bowel preparation should be implemented after the emergency surgery. Surgical approach should be based on the patient's tolerance and partial lesions operation choice decision. The premise of ensuring the safety of the line I tried to be of radical tumor resection. On the general good, the primary tumor resection with radical opportunities but I have significant adverse factors of intestinal anastomosis, could H surgical reconstruction of the continuity of the intestinal tract.

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