Thoracoscopic thoracic esophagus – anastomosis

By | March 22, 2012

Thoracoscopic thoracic esophagus – gastric anastomosis for esophageal cancer patients near the cardia.
(1) patients 45. Right lateral position, abdominal incision laparotomy, free stomach, from the cardia, down to the pylorus.
(2) thoracoscopic thoracic esophagus – gastric anastomosis in the chest before the 7th intercostal axillary, posterior axillary line angle of shoulder-length liver incision made three 10mm, were placed in 30. Thoracoscopic lung claws, electric hook separation (or ultrasonic knife).
(3) assisted thoracoscopic thoracic esophagus – gastric anastomosis after abdominal surgery were extended from the chest muscle tear index finger blunt dissection were lower esophagus, the chest incision from the chest tube into the mirror therapy in esophageal cancer patients surviving to a large value controversial.
Europe, America and Hong Kong, China, some scholars believe that, in theory, neck and abdominal incisions with thoracoscopic surgery, to complete the neck, chest, abdomen regional lymph node dissection, so as to achieve Akiyama surgery (traditional neck, chest, abdomen incision) radical purposes.
And, because assisted thoracic surgery to shorten the time of chest surgery, chest trauma, fewer complications, so it can replace to some extent, Akiyama surgery. However, the current most scholars believe that, VATS the total operation time, technical difficulties, lack of bulk Bing Li confirmed that the long-term effects, so only a very small number of esophageal cancer patients, a surgical treatment, while not a substitute for Traditional esophageal cancer surgery.

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