Therapeutic considerations of cancer patients

By | April 9, 2012

For cancer patients, food distribution will adjust properly surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy unexpected role in promoting, and inadequate diet for the patient is easy to ignore the enormous harm. Cancer therapeutic considerations are:
(1) prevention. During surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, before everything possible to ensure the supply of nutrients to prevent the vicious cycle of malnutrition and its causes from happening.
(2) develop diet plans. No matter under what circumstances (loss of appetite, nausea, etc.), should have planned, the quality and quantity intake of nutrition. In order to increase the appetite of patients, but also pay attention to food's color, smell, taste, and an appropriate mix of nutrients. Implementation of radiation therapy in particular, easily lead to reduced saliva, dry mouth occurs, chewing and swallowing difficulties and other symptoms.
(3) the diet as a primary means of treating disease. In general, patients regarded the treatment of various diseases as a means to lift themselves, so how much treatment to endure the pain no matter the time, are more willing. If the food but also as a treatment for the food as "medicine" would overcome many of the causes do not want to avoid the reduction in food and food intake.
(4) necessary to ensure nutritional snacks are a good way. More choice of some of juicy, fresh, sweet food, the best thing to use less spicy greasy.
(5) what to eat eat, do not eat whatever you want, with a reasonable diet varieties, to ensure the supply of nutrients. Frequent meals, do not overeat, avoid food plot.
Therapeutic considerations of cancer patients (6) underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy patients, physical loss, coupled with the bleeding, decreased physical function, often there are loss of appetite, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Especially in gastrointestinal surgery, due to complete fasting, should pay special attention to add water and inorganic salts.
(7) before eating, avoid mental stimulation and mood swings.

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