The application of Chinese medicine treatment of tumor

By | April 17, 2012

Chinese medicine used in Journal of Clinical Oncology: very common in China, according to large number of clinical reports, the tumor in the application of medical treatment can improve symptoms, improve quality of life, prolong survival, to a certain extent, to stabilize or reduce tumors. In addition, there are plans to put in medical treatment and surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined, in addition to significantly decrease the adverse reaction, it can also improve the long-term efficacy.
First, the indications
Generally speaking, Chinese medicine treatment in cancer therapy is mainly applied to the following situations:
1. As part of comprehensive treatment, and surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy with the use of integrated traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer are:
reduce radiotherapy, chemotherapy side effects, so that patients can more successfully complete course of treatment.
surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy after the application of traditional Chinese medicine, can improve the long-term efficacy of combined treatment.
2. As the main treatment in some patients only method
Not suitable for surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Chinese medicine can be used as the main method of treatment, which aims to control the cancer as possible, while improving the symptoms and improve quality of life.
3. As adjuvant therapy in patients with advanced
Some end-stage cancer patients, the main purpose of using Chinese medicine to reduce symptoms, to some extent to improve the quality of life and hundreds of the body's tolerance.
Second, the composition of prescription anti-cancer medicine
The application of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, as a comprehensive treatment of Chinese medicine treatment with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, integrated applications, generally righting, qi, eliminate lead-based drugs to alleviate common gastrointestinal reactions; when the blood is reduced, often to blood, Qi, warming yang and other mainly; in surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and often righting, qi, mainly soft drugs such as Kennedy.

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