Other treatment of pancreatic cancer

By | May 5, 2012

Other treatment of pancreatic cancer (1) pancreatic cancer immunotherapy
We know that the human body to external stimulation and internal abnormalities such as a certain defensive mechanism, which is also the long-term natural selection. The body's immune system is to defend the guards, into non-specific and specific immune system. The tumor is a manifestation of immune system abnormalities. Either "failure", even if the tumor can not take certain defense mechanisms, or be "screened" and can not be found. Pancreatic cancer in proliferation, metastasis, recurrence in patients with weakened immune process, this pilot study has been confirmed. Immune agents now frequently used, including interleukin -2, interferon, and live-activated lymph lymphocytes, cytotoxic T cells, dendritic cells, etc.; addition, there are monoclonal antibodies against different tumors, are belong to the scope of immunotherapy. Is widely used abroad, the domestic basis of Chinese medicine to have the appropriate drug, can regulate the body's immune function, but there is no definite evidence of its efficacy. As the body's immune system to gradually reveal the network, the application of immunotherapy is bound to become increasingly widespread.
Other treatment of pancreatic cancer (2) the biological treatment of pancreatic cancer
With the molecular biology and biotechnology development and progress, gene therapy has shown some hope. Since May 1990 the U.S. National Institutes of Health Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee and approved the first U.S. clinical trial of gene therapy since the gene therapy of genetic disease from a single gene expanding the scope to multiple diseases. So far, the world's nearly 700 gene therapy program began for the clinical treatment of cases over 6000 cases, of which nearly 70% of cases for the treatment of the tumor into the I-III clinical trials accounted for more than half made a good efficacy and a wide range of concerns. Abroad has pancreatic cancer gene therapy clinical trial reports, but in general clinical gene therapy of pancreatic cancer has just started and looking forward to the effect of gene therapy, we have reason to believe that gene therapy of pancreatic cancer in the future may be breakthrough progress.
Other treatment of pancreatic cancer (3) Comprehensive treatment of pancreatic cancer
Almost all advanced cancer have a multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment of the means to prolong survival and improve their quality of life. Comprehensive treatment of pancreatic cancer include surgery (pancreaticoduodenectomy or palliative surgery temper), interventional therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy and other treatments are being tried, such as radiofrequency ablation therapy or radioactive seed implantation treatment. Surgery patients can usually be considered after surgery radiotherapy or chemotherapy or biological therapy treatment, patients should be chosen instead of resectability than a treatment, supplemented by other means, the larger the tumor appeared as a result of plague or yellow severe nausea and vomiting, should solve the obstruction, or palliative surgery can be taken to endoscopic stenting, surgery to laparoscopic surgery is appropriate child; In case of back pain, you should consider the use of drugs or other methods relieve pain. In short, minimize the suffering of patients and improve the quality of life.
In Western countries, new cases of pancreatic cancer each year and the number of deaths is very close, although the yuan in China is comprehensive and detailed statistics, but reported in the literature and our clinical experience shows that this trend exists. These results suggest that while the incidence of pancreatic cancer in recent years, rising, on the other hand the overall treatment of pancreatic cancer is still poor. Comprehensive literature, the current overall 5-year pancreatic cancer patient survival rate of about 3%, of which more limited in the early lesions of pancreatic cancer patients receiving surgery, the median survival (that is, all such cases, the survival time of a just in case the middle position) for the 18_20 months, overall 5-year survival of 20% can be achieved, some of which underwent surgical resection of small pancreatic cancer, negative margins pathologic lymph node metastasis and per 5-year survival 40%; and For those with advanced (late) to take place even if the patient, chemotherapy and other means, the median survival 3_10 months, only a small number of patients survive more than a year. Therefore we can say that poor treatment of pancreatic cancer, especially in patients with advanced, but early treatment of patients is relatively good, indicating that the work carried out publicity and education science to improve people's health awareness, while developing new means of pancreatic cancer screening , early detection of pancreatic cancer, is an effective means to improve the treatment effect.

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