New Cancer Therapy – Interventional Therapy

By | January 4, 2012

New cancer therapy – intervention therapy is the X-ray television, CT, B extra fine image guided technology, a special catheter to the lesion body, the catheter for drug infusion, embolization or partial vacuum so as to achieve treatment of drainage tumor or a way to alleviate the symptoms. New cancer therapy – Interventional Radiology Interventional therapy is one of the study was developed nearly three decades a new field in cancer treatment has been playing an important role.
Artery is the common femoral artery puncture or axillary artery. The intubation is carried out under X ray television monitor into the arterial catheter after selective angiography should first understand the distribution of blood vessels, the tumor arterial blood supply and collateral circulation. The basic principles of arterial antineoplastic agents as possible so that the catheter tip close to the tumor blood supply area, which can improve the efficacy and reduce adverse reactions and complications. When the tube is in place, can be injected antineoplastic agents. Common antineoplastic agents are mitomycin C, a ridge of ammonia chatter, a little hospital of urine fluoride, anti-white, doxorubicin, bleomycin and so on. Anticancer drugs commonly used intra-arterial infusion in the treatment of liver cancer, lung cancer , but also for the treatment of head and neck cancer, gastric cancer , bile duct tumors, membrane adenocarcinoma, malignant pelvic tumor and limbs.
New cancer therapy – intervention therapy, a cancer drug from the perfused artery injection of anticancer drugs to tumors than the average drug concentration is much higher around the intravenous administration significantly improved the results of efficacy and systemic side effects are reduced, so this ways in the anti-tumor therapy in a very good prospect. For surgical excision of the tumor can not be this method for palliative care patients. This method can also be the first to tumor shrinkage, and then underwent surgical resection; also can prevent tumor recurrence after resection of the patient's arterial infusion chemotherapy.
Arterial infusion chemotherapy can often loss of appetite nausea vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms, general sustainable 5-7 days. Celiac artery or hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy when the anti-card duodenum into the stomach, arteries, can cause gastritis or gastric complications such as stains War. Hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy may also cause temporary damage to liver function, but generally able to quickly recover. May also cause mild kidney damage.New cancer therapy – intervention therapy, which are required in the arterial chemotherapy to prevent it. In addition, repeated high-dose intra-arterial infusion of bone marrow suppression can occur, should attract attention.

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