Metastasis of ovarian cancer

By | May 2, 2012

Ovarian carcinoma, ovarian gonadal female organs, can produce eggs and secrete female sex hormones. In adult women, its about the size of 4cmX 3cmX 1cm, flat oval, and substantial. Two ovaries are located at the bottom of the uterus, after both sides in order to connect the broad ligament ovarian mesangial posterior lobe, with the appearance of the pelvic ligaments in the pelvis funnel, the inside of the ovaries and uterus ligaments connected to the inherent. Ovarian blood vessels and nerves in the pelvis funnel Traveling ligament. No peritoneal ovarian surface, covering simple cuboidal epithelium, under which the ovarian albuginea organization, within the ovarian cortex, containing a large number of primordial follicles, the Center for the medulla no follicles, containing blood vessels, nerves, lymph vessels and so on.
Ovarian cancer, Transfer of ways:
(1) pots of peritoneal dissemination: the transfer of ovarian cancer and the main characteristics of the transfer method. Common parts of a uterine surface of the planting, rectal and perirectal, bladder peritoneal fold, pots peritoneum, colon next to the surface of the small intestine, omentum, liver surface under the right compartment.
(2) local direct spread: when the ovarian tumor capsular perforation, may direct tissue invasion to adjacent organs, such as the spread to the rectum, uterus, fallopian tubes, and appendix and so on. Such violations may be lighter form, and the serosa only committed, but also muscle organs deep in the violation of, or even mucous layer.
(3) lymph node metastasis: ovarian cancer mainly to the para-aortic lymph nodes and pelvic lymph node metastases, advanced disease can also occur inguinal lymph nodes and / or supraclavicular lymph node metastasis.
Ovarian cancer metastasis (4) hematogenous metastasis: a rare case of hematogenous metastasis Second, it indicates that the late entry. Common metastatic sites were liver / lung, pleura, kidney, bone, adrenal gland and spleen.

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