How TCM and Western medicine treatment of cancer

By | January 19, 2012

How TCM and Western medicine treatment of cancer
Comprehensive treatment of cancer is not a simple Chinese medicine for treatment of Western Canada, nor is it a treatment received a therapeutic trial. But in the case of the body of the patient, pathological characteristics, Chinese and Western therapy after their own advantages and disadvantages of a planned between Chinese and Western Medicine, step by step, targeted combination of the close synergy with treatment. This is not only to be patient, it should be recognized by oncologists. In order to give full play to the advantages of combined treatment to achieve the ideal efficacy of cancer treatment.
TCM and Western medicine treatment of cancer should pay attention to do the following:
(1) righting social evil anti-cancer treatment and combination therapy
Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are effective anti-cancer Gui evil means and methods, but the goal of these treatments is entirely focused on elimination of tumor lesions and cancer, and cancer-fighting ability of the body and organs function to have an effect often bring significant adverse patient reactions, complications and sequelae, and therefore must be protected in cancer therapy and mobilization of the body's ability to provide anti-cancer treatment in this regard righting Chinese medicine, qigong, acupuncture treatment has a unique place not only can reduce the and chemotherapy toxicity, prevent complications and sequelae but also enhance the patient's own anti-cancer immune function, improve quality of life and survival.
(2) dialectical treatment of patients treated with a combination with the defense
In addition to cancer therapy based on the patient's pathological diagnosis, classification and staging (TNM) using a variety of treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, but also traditional Chinese medicine theory should be the patient's condition changes in various stages of syndrome differentiation and treatment. The same disease and pathological diagnosis of disease due to individual differences and shown at different stages of the "card" type is different, (such as lung cancer, and some are Qi and Yin Deficiency Syndrome, while others are phlegm Results syndrome), so the principles of treatment are also different (Yiqiyangyin wet method or phlegm), called "the same disease with different treatment"; and for a variety of different diseases of cancer patients, if a particular disease stage, there has been the same "card" type, such as "spleen deficiency" syndrome, can be the same medicine to law to treat (Spleen and Qi), is called "different diseases", so you can view the patients from Integrative Medicine get the whole treatment.
(3) small tumor radiotherapy, small and large traditional Chinese medicine combined with chemotherapy
In the course of cancer treatment, should be based on each person's illness, illness-specific, the use of small chemotherapy, radiotherapy of small and large combination therapy of Chinese medicine, etc., for in no pain, no injury under the premise of effective treatment.
(4) Comprehensive care treatment and the combination of photo transfer
Treatment of cancer patients is not enough to simply relying on the medical, life, diet nursing photo transfer; surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the care and diet; consolidation phase of life and exercise to improve the arrangements for long-term survival of patients to improve survival in patients with status and quality of life is critical, it should also include rehabilitation included.
(5) the overall treatment combined with local treatment
Certain types of cancer such as skin cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer and other relatively local control and treatment means but it should double as the main body to regulate the patient's overall treatment imbalance within the environment or have not advanced cancer patients receiving local treatment The overall treatment of patients should be the main body but sometimes the development of local lesions poses a serious threat to the body when the treatment is still the major local conflicts, such as advanced tumor suppression and severe pain, the local palliative radiotherapy and sometimes give bring quiet and patient improvement. Integrated Traditional and Western point of view to surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the treatment of any organization for the foci can be considered a local treatment, while the whole body with traditional Chinese medicine to be adjusted, so that end part and the whole phase.
(6) recent treatment of the tumor combined with the long-term plan
TCM and Western medicine treatment of tumor should be a planned, step by step, progressive treatment, according to the different stages, using different methods to solve the main contradiction of this period. Term effect not only to pursue but also to consider the effect of the consolidation, the prevention of recurrence and metastasis, and long-term rehabilitation and treatment so that cancer treatment is a fairly long process, sometimes even a lifetime. Depending upon the patients physician or by a professional subject experts to develop a long-term treatment and rehabilitation programs, and gradually implemented, which in the whole process of cancer treatment is essential.

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