Endocrine treatment of liver cancer

By | October 8, 2011

Endocrine treatment of liver cancer
Endocrine therapy of liver cancer, liver cancer, 33% of the estrogen receptor detected using anti-estrogenic of the three phenoxy adhesive (tamoxife) treatment of liver cancer have been reported. Clinical data, taking three phenoxy plastic Suibu tumor volume can reduce, but can reduce the level of serum AFP and to liver cancer in a stationary state, it can inhibit tumor growth. Farinati 32 patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma prospective randomized clinical trials for the treatment group with three phenoxy adhesive 30 mg / day, per treatment group, treatment group 1 year survival rate was 35%, while the control group was 0% (P = O.0038), the treatment group, 40% of the AFP declined to believe that the drug can be used as liver cancer in the palliative treatment.
Recently found that high-dose oral gel can be used as three phenoxy reversal of multidrug resistance gene (MDR) drugs, and has entered Phase I clinical trials. However, research has also pointed out that the liver cancer cells reduced estrogen receptor, estrogen therapy may become counter is not sensitive. Zuijin one in Asia Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand) of the 329 patients randomized study confirmed that, on average, survival in patients receiving placebo 2.7 months, and accept the two phenoxy gum survival 2.1 months (60 mg once daily) and 2.2 months (120 mg daily).Endocrine therapy of liver cancer, National Cancer Centre states that the test can not confirm the three phenoxy adhesive benefit to patients, the survival rate of liver cancer patients can not be extended, so the plastic can with three phenoxy exact mechanism of liver cancer is still extremely to be further explored.

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