Diet therapy of tumor characteristics

By | October 30, 2011

Diet therapy of tumor characteristics in addition to common features of general herbs, spices or herbal medicines with the production of raw materials and food processing fineness of flavor and taste of the dish-shaped, cakes and drinks, porridge eating, we must also have the characteristics of cancer treatment Diet.
Diet therapy of tumor characteristics (1) First, choose nutritious as possible, easy to digest, for cancer patients characteristics and taste characteristics of the disease medicated food, cooking making skills to play as much as possible to stimulate the patient's appetite, to meet the color, flavor and shape of the patient dietary requirements, and enhance a body, increase endurance, overcoming cancer, help treat and improve efficacy.
Diet therapy of tumor characteristics (2) According to the theoretical guidance of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment medicated diet. Cancer patients according to clinical symptoms, resolution of yin and yang, exterior and interior, actual situation, cold and heat, this is the eight principal syndromes, the theoretical basis of TCM syndrome differentiation.
In addition, in the production of herbs, you should also pay attention to drugs and food of the ignorant (cold, hot, warm, cool, calm and sour, bitter, sweet, acrid, salty) characteristics. For example, the traditional principles of diet taboos: Xin ban liver disease, heart disease ban salty, sour ban spleen, kidney forbidden sweet, bitter ban lung disease. Clinical treatment can also be observed in some cancer patients condition suddenly deteriorated, or remission, relapse after recovery longer and more are related to improper diet, etc., sent to Italy to eat and drink related. Generally speaking, ginger, pepper, garlic, wine and other food products mostly heat Xin, Tong Yang Jianwei Eat a role, can be used for cold syndrome of gastric cancer patients medicated treatment of abdominal pain in the cold. But the focus tumors (nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, lung cancer, etc.) and skin cancer should be careful.
Fanzhu mouth, tongue, pipe and esophagus, liver and gallbladder, stomach, intestine cancer patients should be used with caution or fasting Hunxing fatty, fried chilled, spicy stimulating and difficult to digest food excretion. Conversely, the digestive system cancer patients can eat horse teeth grams, cabbage, leeks, mushrooms, white rice, etc. Luoka and Italian.
3. By the disease and the treatment of tumor with meals. Different tumor disease is the same kind of tumor, the condition of light and heavy different medicated food should also be different. Lung cancer, for example, if the lung cancer early, there is no special symptoms of patients, the tumor Diet should be increased emphasis on nutrition and resistance, both anti-cancer, anticancer activity. For patients with advanced lung cancer, the focus will for medicated cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitation and other symptoms of the preparation of a choice, but also and Gu Buyi blood, strengthen the role of nutrition.
Once diagnosed cancer patients will take effective treatment as soon as possible, so the characteristics of cancer treatment Diet should also be deployed as soon as possible under the circumstances of the treatment for human consumption. If a patient is ready for surgery, then the increase should be used before treatment to nutrition, increase physical fitness Diet, taking into account cancer tumor suppressor to prevent the spread of the role of surgery. Once the surgery is complete, tumor Diet should be emphasis on physical recovery, and promote the role of rehabilitation. And after a period of time after surgery (months), the focus of medicated diet has come to be shifted to prevent recurrence.
If the cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy, the tumor focus should be on the deployment of Diet therapy to reduce toxicity, improve the blood to protect the bone marrow hematopoietic system and the control of tumor recurrence and metastasis, etc. up.
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