Comprehensive cancer treatment options

By | April 17, 2012

Comprehensive cancer treatment options, 1. More limited tumor
The tumors are typically more limited before surgery, after radiotherapy was added under the operation conditions and (or) chemotherapy. Breast cancer is a successful example. In general, patients with lymph node metastasis, prophylactic irradiation should be carried out (eg, supraclavicular and internal mammary areas), but also need adjuvant chemotherapy, postoperative chemotherapy should also be given to improve the cure rate. It is because of the extensive application of combined treatment to improve the quality of life of patients after also improved.
2. Local late or existing regional metastasis of tumor
Comprehensive cancer treatment options, and can be the first to make chemotherapy or radiation therapy, surgery later. Some are local but there is no late distant metastasis of the cancer patients, a smaller surgery and radiation often get a good comprehensive treatment efficacy and a better quality of life. In recent years, some people try to first chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer patients, further limitations after surgery and postoperative radiotherapy according to the situation and (or) chemotherapy, to a certain extent, improve the cure rate. Receptor-positive breast cancer patients after the use of tamoxifen (c phenoxy gum) treatment, not only can improve the cure rate, but also reduce the chance of contralateral breast cancer. Some patients may be associated with squamous cell lung atelectasis and infection, or associated with hilar and (or) mediastinal lymph nodes increased, these patients may also be asked to make radiation therapy of bronchial smooth, drainage improvement, to be absorbed pneumonia after surgery . According to experience, these patients does not necessarily mean mediastinal lymph nodes metastasis, because the inflammation in the lung can also cause inflammation and swelling of lymph nodes. At present, the initial chemotherapy (primary chemotherapy) highly regarded, to a certain extent, represent a trend. Although osteosarcoma can be removed by partial amputation, but most scholars have advocated for preoperative chemotherapy before, after re-operation, can significantly improve the cure rate.
3. By chemotherapy and (or) radiotherapy to patients with inoperable into surgery this treatment can have many successful examples of the more prominent small cell lung cancer. Both foreign and domestic experience shows that addition of surgery after chemotherapy can improve cure rates. This may be due to: removal of the tumor cells are resistant to reduce recurrence. For the mixed tumor, removal of other components that may exist to reduce relapse. reduce pulmonary fibrosis after radiation therapy radioactive change.
4. Not surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with the arrangement. Fibrosis after radiotherapy due to vascular occlusion caused by the chemotherapy drugs is difficult to enter, most scholars advocate best to chemotherapy, or chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the same time. However, in some cases above vena cava, brain metastases and bone metastases, etc., in order to alleviate the condition as soon as possible can be the first radiotherapy.
5. The application of biological therapy in addition to individual cases due to the current addition, there is no data to show that biological therapy alone can cure terminal cancer, so much as a supplement traditional applications.
Comprehensive cancer treatment options, comprehensive cancer treatment group consists of:
An ideal comprehensive cancer treatment group required the involvement of many disciplines, including diagnosis, pathology, clinical doctors and nurses, and rehabilitation departments, is now China's major departure from the patient's condition may involve a common component in all subjects.

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