Colon cancer misdiagnosis

By | December 30, 2011

Taibufenjie colorectal cancer patients have varying degrees of symptoms, as long as the detailed history, careful physical examination to do, combined with colonoscopy and the X-ray barium enema examination, diagnosis is generally not difficult.
Colon cancer misdiagnosis, there are many in the differential diagnosis of colon lesions and cancer of other similar swelling often misdiagnosed as appendicitis, intestinal tuberculosis, biliary tract disease, ulcerative colitis, schistosomiasis granuloma and so on.
(1) Service swollen appendix appendix appendix near the tumor, can affect the drainage of appendiceal cavity, and induce the development of acute appendicitis and swollen appendix. Colon cancer misdiagnosis, for elderly patients, symptoms of colon cancer is not obvious, but also in the right lower quadrant palpable mass, should be vigilant. Frozen section should be based on the situation or to do first and the mass together with removal of the appendix, postoperative pathological examination.
(2) Intestinal tuberculosis occurs in cecum. Hyperplastic intestinal tuberculosis, the TB granulomas and fibrous tissue hyperplasia, thickening of the wall hard, nodular mass with mucosal surface broke into the intestine, resulting in luminal stenosis, caused by severe obstruction, many patients have abdominal pain, right lower quadrant often palpable mass, easy to be confused with the blind cancer. Through the availability of TB symptoms and history of tuberculosis of other organs, combined with barium enema and colonoscopy, and biopsy may be different.
(3) Crohn's disease is a disease of unknown cause non-specific inflammatory bowel disease occurs in young people. With the lesion location, extent, the different stage of disease, often abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, weight loss, anemia, loss of appetite, vomiting, abdominal mass and other symptoms, abnormal bowel movements, and even intestinal obstruction, requires the use of locks meal and barium enema, can be found in a segmental intestinal stenosis, pseudo-strong room, pseudo polyps and sinus and so on.
(4) ulcerative colitis with abdominal pain, diarrhea, tenesmus and so resemble the symptoms of chronic bacterial disease. However, slow onset of the disease, there is a history of repeated episodes, biopsy should take a long time observation.
(5) amoebic colitis patients with multiple abdominal pain, diarrhea, such as lesions involving the rectum may be associated with tenesmus, stool, or purple with dark red liquid blood and Mongolia, who was a typical "jam color" stool, and a stench.Colon cancer misdiagnosis, acute infection of the mouth of sigmoidoscopy and the typical end of the big "flask-like" ulcers, often have no difficulty in diagnosis, but evolved into a chronic disease, ulcer base granulation tissue and surrounding fibrous tissue, the intestinal wall thickening, luminal stenosis, easily misdiagnosed as tumor biopsy to be done at this time.

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