Classification and treatment of gallbladder polyps

By | May 4, 2012

Classification and treatment of gallbladder polyps, gallbladder disease contains many pathological manifestations, pathological classification of non-neoplastic lesions and two tumors, tumor lesions are divided into benign and malignant.
(1) polyps steroids: cholesterol calm is an important cause of gallbladder polyps, cholesterol in the gallbladder mucosa in the lamina propria composed of macrophages, and gradually to the mucosal surface processes, promote epithelial hyperplasia, Romania – A growing and muscular thickening of the sinus the formation of polyps. Cholesterol polyps of the pathological features of multiple small polyps, 74 patients had cholesterol polyps Case report: less than 10mm in diameter accounted for 97%, 50% for the multiple, the average 3. 09 3.31 (tumor more than a single polyp disease, clinical differential diagnosis). Cholesterol polyps with a fine crisp, easy to separate with the mucosa, not associated with intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia, it does not contain other matrix components, even if accompanied by inflammation is very mild, so far no reports have cancer.
(2) inflammatory polyps: is caused by a granulomatous inflammation, a diameter of about 5mm, single or multiple sessile nodules. Its components are blood vessels, fibroblasts and chronic inflammatory cells, polyps around the obvious inflammation of the gallbladder wall, yet no cancer reported.
(3), adenomyosis: local existence of epithelial changes in muscle fiber hyperplasia and proliferation of the limitations of adenomyosis, it is medically known as adenomyosis hyperplasia, a diffuse, segmental and limitations of three. Adenomyoma is neither inflammatory nor tumor proliferative lesions, may also be cancerous.
(4), adenomatous hyperplasia: neither inflammatory nor tumor proliferative lesions, verrucous yellow soft material, a diameter of about 5mm, single or multiple. Its composition is rich in connective tissue containing smooth muscle bundles and goblet cells, epithelial hyperplasia and accompanied by the surface of intestinal metaplasia. Adenoid hyperplasia due to the formation of epithelial muscle stretching Law – A sinus increased significantly, often on the sinus narrow, often caused by sinus cholestasis, inflammation or stones embedded, there may be cancer.
Gallbladder polyps are currently no drugs can be eliminated. Many medical institutions, the name of "Drug treatment of gallbladder polyps" on the cover, in fact, purely money making. Their drug production licenses are not even, how to ensure safety? Let alone the treatment of polyps; so remind friends of patients, even if the medication, it should go to regular hospitals to doctors, to believe that advertising should not be free, without buying drug taking; Remember, you are taking the drug may have on your body organs such as the liver inflammatory damage to the morning, but the damage is not easy to see you for a while.
Classification and treatment of gallbladder polyps by "Paul gallbladder polyp" surgery, remove polyps, to keep the gallbladder; gallbladder polyps grow to more than 5mm after, because a certain percentage of people cancer, but its nature is difficult to know When did A change will be, resulting in the burden of ideology, there is little medication can eliminate polyps, it is proposed to "protect gallbladder polyps" operation, remove polyps, to keep the gallbladder. The goal of surgery is removal of the pathological nature of polyps and clear to avoid the possibility of cancer, relieve psychological burden.

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