Chemotherapy in head and neck tumors

By | April 19, 2012

1. Single-agent chemotherapy for head and neck cancer
Effective on a single head and neck cancer drugs MTX, BLM, CTX ,5-FU, HU, MMC, ADM, and vinca alkaloids, commonly used VCR, VLB, VDS, these drugs ease the rate of about 15% "- '30%, but very few CR, the median response of 3 "- '5 months.
(1), bleomycin (BLM) BLM is the second widely used drug, can shrink tumors late, especially oral cancer is better. The appropriate dose is 0.25 '- "-0.5 mg / candle, intramuscular injection or intravenous injection, 1 or 2 times a week. Domestic product Pingyangmycin (PYM), mainly composed of BLM Island, generally using a dose of 8 '- "-12mg, intramuscular injection or intravenous injection, 2 .-..- 3 times a week.
(2) paclitaxel (taxol, TAX) TAX for the new mitotic inhibitor, with the promotion of microtubule assembly and stability of microtubule function. TAX on the head and neck cancer have a certain effect, the use of 250mg/m2, more than 24 hours infusion, day 3 for patients G-CSF, treatment of 1 every 3 weeks in to comment. Price effect of the 28 cases , CR2 cases, PR 10 cases, 40% remission rate, the median response of 4 months, the lesion can be seen all the changes, suggesting that the head and neck cancer, Taxal is a very promising drug.
(3) Shun pin (DDP) DDP is currently the most effective treatment of head and neck cancer and the latest drugs, single agent response rate of 27 %'-"- 40% in untreated patients had up to 70% remission General within 6 months. Experiments show, DDP and radiotherapy has a synergistic effect in combination with radiotherapy has been widely used in advanced patients. commonly used dose of 80 "- 'g/m2, according to the patient situation, 1 —- 3 days given every 3 weeks.
(4) caliper (CBP) CBP is the second generation of anticancer drugs uranium, because of its non-hematologic toxicities such as renal toxicity 'sexual, gastrointestinal reactions, ototoxicity and peripheral neurotoxicity less, you can replace the DDP. Each caliper general 200—-400mg/m2, intravenous injection, 1 week; or every 60'-"-80mg / time, intravenous injection, 1 time per day for 5 days, 3 —- After 4 weeks, repeat 14 %'-"- response rate of 28%, the median response of 3 —- 5 months.
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