Care after liver surgery

By | December 2, 2011

Liver resection is the major upper abdominal surgery, can produce many complications. Liver disease after surgery must be closely observed, compensated liver function according to the situation of patients, liver resection volume and the original functions of other organs, liver and comprehensive consideration of post-operative care measures.
Hepatocellular carcinoma after surgery care 1. To closely monitor
In addition to regular monitoring of abdominal surgery, every half-hour blood pressure, pulse, breathing again, after a smooth change to every 4 hours until 48 hours after surgery. Record amount of fluid every 24 hours access to 3 days. Within 24 hours after liver surgery liver function tests, renal function, prothrombin time, blood glucose, electrolytes, etc., on the average patient after repeat testing every 2-3 days to adjust the treatment plan at any time. AFP elevated preoperative patients, after 1 week review time, check once every 2 weeks after, until the normal. In general, AFP should be gradually decreased, some patients fall undone rise, probably due to residual liver imaging studies failed to find small foci until the liver function, can still consider interventional therapy.
2 liver cancer after surgery care. Catheters, stomach, treatment of drainage tube
(1) The catheter is normally removed after 2 days, urine output still records;
(2) during indwelling gastric tube to maintain patency, pay attention to drainage, nature and color to the early detection of upper gastrointestinal bleeding. After removal of the general exhaust, left hepatectomy were extubated less backward appetite, lest gastric dilatation, gastric leakage stay;
(3) under the liver or under the chest drainage tube drainage can suggest whether the activity of intra-abdominal bleeding, and prevent the accumulation of blood under the breast fluid, separated from the next to avoid infection. Generally available after a short bloody fluid drainage, and reduced day by day, about 3-5 days after surgery, when the drainage fluid as little as 10-20m can be removed. Such as short-term postoperative drainage of blood out of more, suggesting possible internal bleeding, which should increase the hemostatic or blood transfusion, such as the drainage of blood per hour, call 500-1000 or so, there are still fluctuations in blood pressure after blood transfusion, should consider re-exploration of abdominal bleeding . Sometimes the liquid can drain the bile samples, mostly due to liver resection margin of bile leak, as long as the drainage tube to maintain patency, bile will decrease day by day, to rule out bile when the final element to extubation.
Hepatocellular carcinoma after surgery care 3. To ensure that the amount of oxygen liver cells
Encourage patients to cough, deep breathing, daily spray stasis, turning over once every 2 hours, prevention of respiratory complications. After 3 days continuous nasal oxygen tube.
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