Breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer

By | April 10, 2012

At present, the foreign reserve the breast of early breast cancer surgery is already very mature technology, has become a routine treatment. With the accumulation of clinical experience makes this treatment to further expand the scope of application. Currently, breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer has been extended to early breast cancer from advanced breast cancer.
1. Extend
(1) in breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer early stage, most scholars limit the indications in the "3 cm tumor. Now that as long as the size of breast lumps and the ratio of the right breast, the shape of the breast tumor resection without significant deformation ,4-5 cm breast tumors but also can save the integrated nature of surgery and radiation therapy.
(2) the previous point of view, note 4 axillary lymph node metastasis can not be reserved for patients of breast surgery. There are currently concluded that axillary lymph node metastasis Note 4 of the patients can still do a breast preservation surgery, radiotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy in the comprehensive treatment. After this treatment, regional lymph node recurrence rate was not increased.
(3) invasive lobular carcinoma of breast-conserving treatment can be the problem, the majority view is that, if not diffuse disease, complete resection of the tumor can, cutting edge clean, invasive lobular carcinoma or with invasive lobular carcinoma patients who composition is also suitable for retention breasts.
(4), intraductal carcinoma in situ of the traditional treatment method for breast surgery alone. In recent years, many scholars of foreign security with the mammary gland of the success of surgical therapy, the efficacy of traditional therapies are equivalent, but the quality of life improved significantly.
2. Breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer contraindications
(1) There are 2 different quadrants of breast or 2 more diffuse malignant tumors or patients with significant calcification.
(2) the breast area in the past have a history of radiation therapy.
(3) pathological margins continued positive.
(4) pregnant women.
3. Breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer relative contraindication
(1) a history of collagen diseases such as scleroderma and lupus erythematosus activity.
(2) tumor size is not an absolute contraindication, but a large tumor, breast small imbalance between the two situations is a relative contraindication.
(3) type of large breasts or sagging breasts.
4. Following breast-conserving surgery is not a contraindication
(1) clinical or pathologically confirmed axillary lymph node metastases.
(2) superficial tumors of the areola should be specific circumstances.
(3) the transfer of the risk factors of systemic patients.

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