By | December 15, 2015

Is considered a loss all vaginal bleeding (spotting, or bloody) that occurs independent of the rule and can be irregular or prolonged. The medical term for this fact is to “menorrhagia” and popularly as many names example of “spotting between periods” or “bleeding between periods.”
There are many causes that can cause vaginal discharge. In adolescents, the most common cause of vaginal discharge is the existence of a relative immaturity of gynecological hormonal regulation resulting cycles with no ovulation(anovulatory cycles), which is very common in two or three years following the first rule. In these cases the losses are often accompanied by irregular cycles and, although they can be annoying, they are usually normal. It may also be normal and common, have mid-cycle losses coinciding with ovulation. These losses, which can occur at any age, are known by the name of “stained ovulatory” . However, we must distinguish the losses that may be normal, vaginal bleeding that could be of concern. First, it important to ensure that the bleeding is coming from the vagina and rectum or no urine, in which case you should consult your doctor to rule out a change in the urinary tract or the digestive system. Secondly, we must bear in that a vaginal loss can be caused by a gynecological problem. In women, hormonal imbalance, a fibroid, polyp or infection, among many other causes can cause vaginal bleeding. Also the use of an intrauterine device (IUD), hormonal contraception (pills, patches, etc.) or even pregnancy can motivate, in certain circumstances, vaginal discharge. In the case of pregnancy can occur without any pathology that causes, or due to an abortion or threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy (outside the uterus). Third, one should not forget that there are also non-gynecological causes can cause vaginal bleeding. These causes are varied and can range from the use of medications that affect hormone regulation, to certain chronic diseases, such as a thyroid problem.In addition, also strenuous exercise, emotional stress or eating disorders can lead to the appearance of vaginal discharge. In short, before a vaginal discharge in principle not be alarmed, but views the various causes that can provoke, if the loss persists, increase, or is accompanied by pain, odor, itching and / or burning during urination is necessary to consult with your family doctor or gynecologist . As for hygiene, if you have losses must extremarla like when you have the rule. You can usepads  or panty protectors also if the loss is limited. To be effective you have to change them as often as you needed.