Intimate Surgery

By | February 2, 2012

Within the set of operations called “Intimate surgery”, the most commonly known is one that involves the labia minora.

Indeed, it is increasingly the consultation by the exaggerated size of the labia minora and the possibility of aesthetic correction without forgetting that sometimes are also other factors that lead to the consultation, in addition to the purely aesthetic.

Discomfort or pain in sex, poor hygiene with the possibility of chronic infections and difficulty wearing certain clothing are the most common complaints in addition to aesthetics.

The traditional solution is resection, simple trimming of the excess of the labia minora, minor surgery, safe, outpatient, under local anesthesia and sedation that enables immediate discharge.

The above named traditional or classical solution is not the only nor the best, is the most commonly performed simply by being the best known. 

 Currently there are other techniques or solutions, that are performed in the same conditions than the classic already our knowledge, are less aggressive in terms of cuts and therefore, are less traumatic and more conservative especially as unapparent of the scar remaining and by respect the natural lip flange retaining sensitivity, which characterizes this area.

For these reasons, it is very summary, it is common knowledge that today this type of query that is not necessary to continue suffering in silence and while the solution is surgery, it is a minor surgery, reliable, rapid recovery, is which technique to use and very satisfactory with regard to your desired result.

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