Variant of large cell carcinoma – clear cell carcinoma

By | March 29, 2012

Variant of large cell carcinoma – clear cell carcinoma (clear cell carcinoma): as an independent type of lung cell carcinoma is extremely rare.
the naked eye: tumors are peripheral, tumor boundaries with the surrounding lung tissue is unclear, the size of one. Grayish yellow cut surface, may be associated with hemorrhage and necrosis.
variant of large cell carcinoma – clear cell carcinoma of the microscope: a characteristic of tumor cells are large polygonal cytoplasm translucent (waIl'r-dear) or a foam. Within the cytoplasm of tumor cells with or without glycogen. Mitotic visible. Cancer tissues but not to the differentiation of squamous epithelium and glandular structures.
electron microscopy: the cytoplasm of cancer cells seen a lot of rough endoplasmic reticulum and ribosomes. Visible tension wires (squamous differentiation), or micro-tube formation (adenoid differentiation.) Cytoplasm of cancer cells in some cases see a large number of glycogen particles.
immunohistochemistry: antibody cancer cells of epithelial markers such as cytokeratin, epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) were positive, etc., but vimentin (vimentin) markers and neuroendocrine markers were negative.
variant of large cell carcinoma – differential diagnosis of clear cell carcinoma
a. metastatic clear cell carcinoma: If the kidney, thyroid, parotid gland and other parts of the clear cell carcinoma metastasis to the lung, the lung morphology is very similar to clear cell carcinoma. Clinical examination and immunohistochemistry, can be identified.
b. clear cell tumors (clear cell tumor) or sugar tumor (sugar tumor): the lung tissue origin of the more common of the benign yet clear. With clear cell carcinoma of the difference is between the former blood vessel rich, mainly capillaries and sinusoids. Reticular fiber staining tumor cells around a single fiber network distribution. PAS staining, indicating that the cytoplasm of tumor cells may contain glycogen. Immunohistochemical markers of tumor cells of epithelial markers were negative, but vimentin, NSE "HMB45, Leu-7 and the 5-100 protein is marked as positive.
Prognosis: The prognosis of clear cell carcinoma of the lung and large cell carcinoma similar.

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