Gastric cancer diagnostic tests

By | October 14, 2011

Cancer diagnostic methods can be divided into the following four.
Cancer diagnostic tests for a gastrointestinal X-ray examination for gastric cancer of the main inspection methods, including different degrees of projection filling to display the mucosal pattern, such as the pressurized double contrast radiographic methods such as force, particularly barium and air double contrast method For the detection of small lesions of the stomach of great value.
X-ray findings of early gastric cancer, where appropriate under pressure, or double contrast, often show a small polypoid filling defect, not only the entire surface of multi-, base slightly wider, surrounded by mucosal thickening, disorders, and benign polyps can be identified.
Superficial: a flat mucosa, hyperplasia or slightly granular surface coils visible bulge. Sector can be seen in patients with small piece of barium bedding, or filling small relative was raised. General motility lesion still exist, but a little stiff than the normal gastric wall.
Depressed: visible light Kanying, missing the bottom of most of the rough, the stomach can be a little stiff than normal, but there are still creep and shrinkage. Pressure or double contrast, the area has seen the barium will carry your depression, shadow than light, irregular shape, close to the mucosal pattern often has clubbing stopped.
Check II gastric cancer, gastric endoscopy can be directly observed in different parts of cancer, especially for very early diagnosis of gastric cancer.
1. Protruded early gastric mucosa mainly for local uplift, emergence to the stomach, pedunculated or broad-based, surface coarse and heavy, and some were papillary or nodular surface may have erosion. Superficial showed no neat boundaries, boundaries are not significant local mucosa coarse and heavy, slightly uplift or depression, the surface color fades or redness, may have erosion of such lesions most likely to miss. Depressed have a more significant ulcer, depression and more than mucosa. The existence of various types can be combined to form mixed early gastric cancer.
2. In advanced gastric cancer often have the typical manifestations, endoscopic diagnosis is not difficult. Protruded lesions larger diameter, irregular, cauliflower, or chrysanthemum.
Three gastric cancer diagnostic tests, checking about half of patients with gastric cancer gastric acid deficiency. Lactic acid content can be based on more than normal (100g/ml). However, analysis of the diagnosis of gastric juice is not meaningful.
Check IV gastric cancer, including cancer biology and biochemistry check immunological response, the determination of the specific chemical composition and enzyme reactions. If the blood serum pepsinogen pepsinogen and / ratio; CEA, CA19-9, CA125 and CEA monoclonal and other antibodies, but these checks false positive and false negative are high, the specificity is not strong.

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